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Delivery rights: Dixons
Closed Thread
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# 1
Former MSE Rose
Old 25-11-2011, 3:44 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 112
Default Delivery rights: Dixons

Hi all, this discussion thread's part of the Delivery Rights guide, specifically for if you've complained to Dixons about delivery problems using the techniques in the guide.

Please tell us how you got on - we want to know if you were awarded any compensation from Dixons, and if so, how much? Just let us know the amount and reason below; to add more general feedback on the guide, pop over to the main Delivery Rights discussion thread.

for your help,

MSE Rose

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# 2
Old 07-12-2011, 2:26 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 6

Yodel was late for a delivery that I had to pay for so Currys refunded the delivery charge, but their customer care is so awful that I'll never buy from DSG again!
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# 3
Old 29-12-2011, 12:22 PM
MoneySaving Stalwart
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 475

Brought from Dixons online, paid for specific day delivery, stayed in all day no sign, couldnt call until AM as all lines closed/not answering (despite Yodel stating it was out on delivery). Dixons wanted nothign to do with it, eventually said would refund 3.99 delivery charge but not their fault (contract & payment direct to them). Yodel turned up the next dya, driver drove & parked on my grass outside my house, not on the open road, safe to do so, sat there for 15mins then got out & said "I dont care if im late"!! to that I was fuming, asked him to move off my driveway to which he replied "I dont care about your parcel im of" - he got in the car and drove off without even attempting to deliver item.

Now waiting for it to be returned before I can get a refund 300 onto my card, this all happened on 22/12, its still not returned but showing that I refused delivery.

Dixons CS - USELESS 100%
Yodel CS - USELESS 100%
Together they make a disaster!!

Will never use Dixon again and am telling everyone never to use them, the small saving I would have got by going through them wasnt worth the stress, trouble, arrogance of it all

No compensation at all and was told they wouldnt pay anything (managed 3..99 deliver charge refunded back after alot of agro)!

Oh, and filled in an online "contact us" form on 22/12 - not heard a thing, to be honest dont expect to either.
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# 4
Old 04-01-2012, 6:47 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 1

Same issues, lots of call to them right hand not knowing what left was doing. Paid for specific delivery date didn't happen, told it would be ther next day and so on, still not got items 3 weeks on. Todays update I can have a refund and reorder the items at a higher price! Written to Chief Exec (details easy to find on web) and will keep doing that, there is no way he woud accept this service. Will never ever buy from the Group again. Warning friends, family and colleagues of how useless they are.
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# 5
Old 08-01-2012, 8:14 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 13

My delivery was fine, but my cancellation was a hassle. I cancelled and requested a refund with in 7 days. They arranged a courier who never arrived on arranged date. This happened twice more with the courier not turning up.
First time I called, I was told I couldn't return the TV in store to Currys, Dixons had to send a courier to collect.
After the 2nd failed collection I was asked to try and return to Currys.
After the 3rd failed delivery (which they told me on the 23rd at 12pm was arranged for the 23rd between 9am and 5pm) I was told I had to have it collected. Spoke to another customer service guy who said 'take it to Currys'
My offical request at a complaint has gone un acknowledged.

Today I managed to get the TV to a Currys store and was initially told, it had to be collected. I asked them to speak to Dixon's and sort this out and Currys eventually gave me a refund... what anyone makes of that... but I won't be using Dixon's again.
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