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Easy Peasy Tiramisu - Pinky's Style :) (VEGETARIAN+NON-ALCOHOLIC)

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Old 12-05-2005, 3:28 PM
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Thumbs up Easy Peasy Tiramisu - Pinky's Style :) (VEGETARIAN+NON-ALCOHOLIC)

This is the easiest Tiramisu recipe I've seen, and it's suitable for Vegetarians, AND for those of you who don't drink alcohol like me.


2 x 284ml tub ELMLEA Light(or normal) Double Cream
[DON'T EVER buy ASDA Double Cream, or your Tiramisu will be ruined! Trust me I speak from experience]

1 x 250g round tub TESCO Italian Mascarpone

2 x 425g cartons ASDA Thick & Creamy Custard
[Good For You ones taste just as nice!]

1 or 2 pack ASDA/TESCO Bouidoir/Sponge Fingers

coffee powder mixed with some hot water
[the more coffee powder you use, the stronger the coffee flavour will be]

a sprinkle of cocoa powder


First, dip the Sponge Fingers one by one into a cup/bowl/mug of coffee powder+water mixture - take care not to dip it too long as it'll make the Sponge Fingers soggy & messy. Then line your serving bowl with these dipped biscuits. What I normally do if there's leftover coffee mixture, I just pour the mixture over the lined biscuits.

Next, pour the ready-made custard on top of the biscuit layer. Use as much or as little custard as you want. You can also repeat the layer of biscuit & custard as many times as you want.

Next, using electric mixer, with medium or low settings, cream the Double Cream and Mascarpone Cheese until thick & creamy. Normally this will take about 20-25 depending on the speed you use. But becareful - do NOT over beat the mixture as it'll curdle if you beat it too much. Your Tiramisu will still taste nice, just not as smooth as it should be if it's curdled.

Spoon this Double Cream & Mascarpone mixture over the custard, & level it.

Finally, sprinkle cocoa powder on top of cream mixture to finish.

Note: I normally use half of the ingredients, as the one above is to make use of the whole Mascarpone Cheese tub. Whenever I make Tiramisu, I always had to use at least 2 dishes, and always give the other dish to friends. Though sometimes I don't get the chance to as my husband loves Tiramisu & kept raiding the fridge!

I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! - but I totally dislike the new Dumbledore (Richard Harris - may you rest in peace...)

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