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    • firebubble
    • By firebubble 25th Nov 19, 2:24 PM
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    Christmas cards...the lack thereof
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    • 25th Nov 19, 2:24 PM
    Christmas cards...the lack thereof 25th Nov 19 at 2:24 PM
    Every year, when I take my cards down after Christmas, I take out my recipient list, and tick off who sent me a card. If I notice I haven't received a card for two years in a row, I take them off my list - they can always go back on it if they start sending cards again, but I find this means that I'm not sending loads of cards to people who don't bother for whatever reason. I've done this for years, as cards and stamps aren't cheap!

    Looking at last year's list though, the numbers seem to have collapsed, and only around half of the people on my list sent me a card.

    I wondered if anyone has noticed a big drop from last year as well? Is the expense, and environmental concerns making increasing numbers of people stop entirely?

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    • kazwookie
    • By kazwookie 25th Nov 19, 2:33 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 2:33 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 2:33 PM
    I stopped doing cards about 4 years ago..................

    You send me one, I'll send you one, I never heard from most folk for years, no one seems to mind.

    The grand kids do a get card each, so does OH.
    Sun, Sea

    • dreaming
    • By dreaming 25th Nov 19, 3:13 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 3:13 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 3:13 PM
    I pretty much only send cards to those friends and relatives I don't see regularly. Those I do see regularly get my good wishes in person. I belong to a club where it seems that everyone sends a card to everyone else and it reminds me a bit of being back at school. I do find in those cases it becomes a chore instead of a pleasure.
    • pickledonionspaceraider
    • By pickledonionspaceraider 25th Nov 19, 3:26 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 3:26 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 3:26 PM
    I think sending Christmas cards, seems to be a dying tradition.

    I remember maybe ten years ago, there would be scores of them, all strung around the lounge- but if I get six, these days, I would be surprised

    The environment is a huge concern these days - a few days after xmas they all end up in the bin so it is a waste of resource and money

    Not really worth the hassle as above it feels a chore - life is busy enough these days without these tit for tat exchanges
    • euronorris
    • By euronorris 25th Nov 19, 4:37 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 4:37 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 4:37 PM
    I probably do less than 24 in total. Not all of those are sent. Some are just handed over when we see them. The majority are to older relatives who would be greatly offended if we didn't send one (like my Mother, for example).

    I don't much see the point in them to be honest. We have text messages, emails, whatsapp, facebook and phone calls available in order to wish someone a merry Christmas. Cards seem rather redundant in my opinion.
    • trailingspouse
    • By trailingspouse 25th Nov 19, 5:02 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 5:02 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 5:02 PM
    I've severely pruned my list for this year. I think I'll only be sending about 10. It's partly because I'm economising, and partly because I don't like the idea of wasting all that card.

    I send greetings via social media.
    • Mr_Singleton
    • By Mr_Singleton 25th Nov 19, 5:05 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 5:05 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 5:05 PM
    Can't say I'll be too unhappy at seeing this tradition dying out.

    Seeing boxes of 99p for 50 christmas cards stacked almost to the ceiling in shops is rather revolting. It's not just from an environmental perspective but also what does it say about the sender and more importantly what they think of the recipient?

    I shall be sending 8 Christmas cards in about 2 weeks to the people who have meaning in my life. They all came from The Conran Shop and each will have a personalised hand written note in them. They will also be sent 1st Class.
    • firebubble
    • By firebubble 25th Nov 19, 5:18 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 5:18 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 5:18 PM
    Thanks all, it seems we are of the same view that it's a chore!

    I mainly send to my old relatives, but the rest of the list I try and prune as much as I can, and breathed a sigh of relief in some cases where I haven't received a card from someone I haven't seen for years but we have dutifully exchanged cards each year promising that we should meet up....

    Glad its also died out in offices (thankfully) where it used to be like school in that if you didn't send a card to everyone (that you saw every day anyway) it would be seen as a slight.

    I shall if my list reduces even more this year!
    • PasturesNew
    • By PasturesNew 25th Nov 19, 6:23 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 6:23 PM
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    • 25th Nov 19, 6:23 PM
    I like receiving them. Hate sending them

    Some people are just not card givers.....
    • tessie bear
    • By tessie bear 25th Nov 19, 8:10 PM
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    tessie bear
    i have picked up cards very cheap but stamps flippin heck they are pricey...i have reduced what i send due to cost of postage
    onwards and upwards
    • JackieO
    • By JackieO 25th Nov 19, 11:52 PM
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    the very few I do send go to folk I can't reach easily .my nephews in Oxfordshire and Lancashire and nieces in Cork and Mexico. I told most of my immediate family that I donate to the Sally army as its my chosen charity as they do so much good and help for homeless, and those without friends or relations who care about them.This to me is more important than me giving a piece of cardboard to folk whom I see and talk to and tell how much I love them almost daily.My eldest grandson Danny lives in Manhattan, but my eldest DD is going out to visit him before Christmas so will take presents for him and his wife with her .She will also take two cards ,one for Christmas and one for their third wedding anniversary which is on Christmas Eve. apart from that the Sally Army will get a decent donation which I hope will put a little bit of cheer into someones life this Christmas.

    My DGD gets far too many things,biscuits, chocolates etc from her class at school, which she says she wishes the children didn't do.Unfortunately it's normally the Mums who buy the stuff, so she makes a point of thanking them for the gifts ,but the majority go to the local Sally Army citadel on Christmas morning before lunch.They are always very happy to receive them and use them to help brighten up someones day. My DGD is not particularly religious, but like me she thinks there are so many folk who aren't perhaps as lucky with family as we are so we like to spread a little happiness if we can.

    JackieO xx
    Quot Libros,Quam Breve Tempus.
    • Eenymeeny
    • By Eenymeeny 26th Nov 19, 10:45 AM
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    We have a tradition of hand posting cards to neighbours in our street. Some I know well and others just acknowledge me as they walk past with their dogs! It is quite nice to 'keep in touch' but maybe it is a bit outdated.
    I wouldn't know their email addresses so that link would die out if we stopped this tradition. Maybe I'll send them to the people I know and wait to see who doesn't send one to me this year...
    The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this wonderful forum. I'm very grateful for the guidance and friendliness that I always receive from you.

    Please and Thank You are the magic words
    • Slinky
    • By Slinky 26th Nov 19, 12:02 PM
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    I do still send cards, it's on my list of things to prep this week as we have moved this year and some people won't know our new address yet. I have my trusty address book, which sadly reminds me of loved relatives and friends who I would dearly love to send a card, but they are no longer with us. So as I write my cards, I mentally wish the departed all the best at the same time.
    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 26th Nov 19, 1:09 PM
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    I send about 5, if that. Elderly rellies…

    Otherwise I post on social media wishing all friends and rellies season's greetings and donate the cost of cards and stamps to charity... It is usually £60, split between a local cinema that puts on a Christmas day event for people on their own and a homelessness charity. It's not particularly altruism, writing and sending cards is something I can't be arrised doing and it eases my conscience...
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • Katiehound
    • By Katiehound 26th Nov 19, 6:18 PM
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    IMHO it's the cost of the postage-it's a killer. Then they are bits of card that get binned and celebrating (for the most part) a consumer fest!

    I think I may post about 6. Deliver maybe 10? Generally people I see everyday do not qualify!!
    Some years ago i told folk I would rather donate to a charity, so that's what I have done: given to Dogs for Good, Sightsavers, and other charities. They may only get £12- £15 but they do get GiftAid with it.

    Everyone who has e-mail gets either a Jacquie Lawson card or a message from me and those without internet get a phone call
    Being polite and pleasant doesn't cost anything!
    If you found my posting helpful please hit the "Thanks" button!
    Many thanks

    • VfM4meplse
    • By VfM4meplse 26th Nov 19, 7:40 PM
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    The numbers I post diminish year on year. They are always good quality "handmade" cards, but I admit standards have slipped and for the sake of being organised, it makes much more sense to post them second class.

    I have a group of friends and we all exchange cards, I usually slip a small - but useful - gift inside. I have drawn the line at Secret Santa; now that really is a waste of money.

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

    Hope is not a strategy ...A child is for life, not just 18 years....Don't get me started on the NHS, because you won't win...I love chaz-ing!
    • Pooky
    • By Pooky 26th Nov 19, 9:41 PM
    • 6,981 Posts
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    We stopped sending them about 4 years ago and asked that we don't get sent any, everyone seems to have got the message now.

    I hate the clutter of cards and just can't be doing with them.
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
    • VfM4meplse
    • By VfM4meplse 26th Nov 19, 10:05 PM
    • 32,404 Posts
    • 67,287 Thanks
    I hate the clutter of cards and just can't be doing with them.
    Originally posted by Pooky
    I really like thoughtful cards; so much better than presents you neither want, need, nor have the nerve to re-gift.

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

    Hope is not a strategy ...A child is for life, not just 18 years....Don't get me started on the NHS, because you won't win...I love chaz-ing!
    • sillyvixen
    • By sillyvixen 26th Nov 19, 10:43 PM
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    I don't really send christmas cards, the only christmas cards we send are to hubby's granny as she requests a charity donation in lieu of a gift, and for niece and nephew as they ask for money (still send them a little somthing but a cheque goes in a card taped to the pressie), I also use a card for the nerdy voucher I give as part of my dad's Christmas present. so 4 in total!
    Dogs return to eat their vomit, just as fools repeat their foolishness. There is no more hope for a fool than for someone who says, "i am really clever!"
    • KxMx
    • By KxMx 27th Nov 19, 3:16 PM
    • 7,744 Posts
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    I've reduced what I send. Most can be hand delivered or go local scout post (30p). I like to drop one into GP Surgery, chemist, Library etc as a small thank you.

    I did seriously consider stopping this year, due to environmental concerns, but as I buy mine direct from the local Cats Protection I didn't want them to miss out on the money raised.
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