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    • ng30
    • By ng30 17th Apr 18, 12:20 PM
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    Unfair recruitment process exposed at Travelodge
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    • 17th Apr 18, 12:20 PM
    Unfair recruitment process exposed at Travelodge 17th Apr 18 at 12:20 PM
    I applied for 21 jobs at Travelodge using the Travelodge Careers website in February 2018 and I wasn't even shortlisted once. After applying for so many jobs with the same company I thought my CV would get picked out at least once but I wasn't even shortlisted once, I only received emails regarding 3 job applications but I had applied for 21, obviously at this point I felt like something unfair was going, I wanted to know why I wasn't shortlisted even once and what was going on with all the other applications so I tried contacting Travelodge but the only email contact I could find was for their press office so I emailed them proof that I had applied for 21 jobs hoping they would forward it to the relevant person.

    I got a response back from the "Recruitment Manager" but the first 2 emails kept insisting that we discuss everything over the phone, I was assuming they wanted to cover something up at that point so I kept insisting that we should discuss everything in writing so that if something unfair is really going on then at least I have proof in writing.

    At first they claimed that I hadn't completed certain things on my application form so I received "an automatic knock out" message. They claimed I haven't completed the section regarding "right to work in the UK" and "outstanding criminal convictions", I know for a fact that I had completed these sections on all the 21 applications correctly, I also know for a fact that their website doesn't let anyone submit incomplete applications as there is a special section for this called "incomplete applications" and the "incomplete applications" section on my account is completely empty.

    When I knew I had completed those sections but they still tried to use that against me I just felt like they were insulting me by saying I am not a British citizen and I am some kind of criminal. I am a British citizen since birth and I have never had any criminal convictions in my life so I responded by saying they need to look into what happened.

    The then got back to me with a very similar response but this time they also included an image which was supposed to be a screenshot of their internal system and it shows "---" in front of a lot of things but I know for a fact I completed those so either something is wrong with their system or someone has just tampered with my applications to make it look that way or the screenshot is completely fake, I don't know what is going on but I can tell that half of the image is cropped away so I cant even tell what the image is supposed to be, if it is really my application then why are they hiding it from me by cropping parts of it away? I know that something isn't right.

    I knew for a fact that they were basically lying to me at that point and looking for any excuse to get out of it as there is no way for me to have got those questions wrong or have left them incomplete on all 21 applications.

    I then asked the Recruitment Manager to escalate this to her manager, at that point I got a response from "Head of People Services and Compliance" who said they will investigate this over the next week.

    I then heard back from the "Head of People Services and Compliance" who claimed "I've found that there is a technical issue in the system (likely caused by a recent technology update made) that has triggered an action where your application was rejected on three occasions." they also said "Whilst this is not satisfactory, I can also confirm that no human action was taken in your applications and no one at Travelodge has viewed or actioned any aspect of your application"

    They just clearly admitted that 3 of my applications were never even considered because there was supposedly a "technical issue" with their system. They also just said that "no human action was taken in your applications" I will prove this to be a lie in a moment.

    I had applied for 21 jobs but they are only talking about 3, so I asked them what happened to the other 18? I asked to escalate this to his manager.

    This is the response I got:
    "Three of the applications is where I understand you have had a response explaining your application was not successful. I understand you have not had any response to any of the other 18 applications and to be clear, these have not been reviewed by anyone at Travelodge"

    Meaning 18 of my applications were just completely ignored and were never even looked at or considered.

    They also said this:

    "Your complaint will not be passed on to anyone else in Travelodge. Your complaint has been investigated by our Recruitment Manager, and I have taken over the investigation and response as a senior manager in the organisation. "

    They have now clearly refused to pass this onto anyone senior which is why I am going public.

    Proof Traveldoge is doing fraud and that they are completely lying specially regarding the "no human action was taken in your applications":

    Well when I logged into my Travelodge account to take some more screenshots today it now says "22 Job Applications" but wait I only made 21 applications and I have a screenshot of my account from when I made the complaint, where did this 1 extra job application come from?

    Well according to their dashboard it says I have applied for this 1 extra job on 28 July 2012, if I really applied for that job in 2012 why does it have my most current mobile number, in employment history why does it show all the jobs I held after 2012 like the jobs I had in 2013 and 2016? this is proof they have just added a fraudulent fake job application in my name to their systems which I never even applied for. I didnt even have a Travelodge careers account back in 2012 I registered for an account around February 2018 when I applied for the jobs which is proof they are completely lying when they are saying "no human action was taken in your applications"

    Since I started complaining they have been repeatedly said things along the lines of:
    "Recruitment Manager" wrote this:
    "That's not a problem I can confirm our conversation in writing after the call, it would just be useful to speak with you to find out how you've applied and I'd like you to apply for a role whilst you are on the phone so I can see how it comes through and talk it through with you."

    "Head of People Services and Compliance" also wrote this:
    "In terms of resolution, I have and continue to offer you the opportunity to apply for any job role with us that is currently active. I will ensure your application is processed to the interview stage where your profile is shortlisted. You have this commitment from me. "

    That obviously sounds like they want me to make a new application so they can take some kind of "human action" and tamper with my applications, when I refused to apply again they have some how made up a fraudulent application in their system with the 28 July 2012 date.

    There is obviously something dodgy going on with the Travelodge recruitment process that needs to be investigated properly. I am here because I want to make my story public just in case I am not the only person they have done this to, maybe after this becomes a public matter Travelodge will provide a real explanation to what happened to my 21 applications and why it has fraudulently made up an application in my name that I have never applied for.

    I have a full paper trail of all the correspondence and I have proof they have fraudulently added a job in my name to their system.

    Update (17 April 2018):
    I would just like to clarify some things:
    1. I can totally understand that maybe they had a lot of applicants so I didn't get shortlisted.
    2. They never even sent me a rejection email for 18 job applications so when I first emailed them it was mainly because I just wanted to know what happened, Im sure most people that are applying for jobs always try to get some kind of feedback about what happened to their applications, I was just doing that and when they said I haven't completed some things obviously I just followed up because I wanted to know why they were saying that because I know I completed them, I think its fair for me to ask them about why they said that.
    3. If there is really a fault with the system I just wanted to know what that meant for my applications could they have been completely ignored due to this? I think its fair for me to ask that question when they are claiming there is a system fault.
    4. There is an extra application showing up in my account, I never made that application, where did that come from? Is it a system fault?, did someone from Travelodge put it there? I think its fair for me to ask those types of questions when it has my details all over the application.

    Thank you for all the responses, they really help, please keep them coming
    It would be great if you could please stay on topic, Thank You, any offensive comments attacking me will and have been reported to the forum team.

    If there are any Travelodge employees or former Travelodge employees on here that wish to come forward about their experiences at Travelodge and wish to have a friendly chat with me then please feel free to private message me, That way you can remain completely anonymous and even if you share your details I promise to keep your details anonymous.

    I will post an update if I hear anything back from Travelodge.
    Last edited by ng30; 17-04-2018 at 9:45 PM.
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    • keepcalmandstayoutofdebt
    • By keepcalmandstayoutofdebt 17th Apr 18, 7:11 PM
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    I would seriously remove the hotel chain name - there is making it public and making it public. I could understand 21 applications over the course of a few years, but hours or days would just get you branded strange at this time.

    I appreciate you are frustrated, I went through similar with a loan company who over the course of a couple of years repeatedly would interview me before anyone says I felt entitled to a job interview, in time I eventually learnt to ignore the job ads and it probably helped they eventually beefed up the educational requirements of roles anyway so it turned out there was a logic to the rejects. I hope you can find the same peace.

    Even in my current employment which has been a place Iíve interviewed three times for previously, twice being the unsuccessful candidate (not same role and fortunately different management each time) I ended up with a lesser job then I ever first come for back in 2013 and now I do wonder what the fascination was.

    Apply somewhere to another company and see if you can do a trial day first. I find Glassdoor helpful because sometimes when you can read existing employee reviews that all helps get some prospective other then realising on first day what youíve let yourself in for.

    Wish you well.
    "If you are caught in a rainstorm, once you accept that you'll receive a soaking, the only thing left to do is enjoy the walk"
    • ScorpiondeRooftrouser
    • By ScorpiondeRooftrouser 17th Apr 18, 7:36 PM
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    I agree with what you are saying, I think they probably had a lot of applicants but they should have at least let you know when you were unsuccessful. When you contacted them they should have be willing to provide some feedback for all the applications. I think there was absolutely nothing wrong with asking follow up questions to their responses because you simply wanted to know what happened, I think I would have wanted to get to the bottom of it as well. They should never have added an application to your account like that with your details on it, I think if they have done that it could be classed as fraud whether it was to test the system or not it doesn't matter, they have simply used your details without asking you, you have every right to demand an explanation after they have done something like that. I know I would want an explanation if I was in your situation. I hope they get back to you as they have got some serious explaining to do, keep me updated on what happens. Good luck mate
    Originally posted by anony9
    There is not a human being on the planet who would specially register in order to make this their first post. This forum is getting ridiculous. No doubt the wise and wonderful forum team will delete all messages pointing out the multiple accounts, and leave nonsense like this cluttering the place up.
    • Wyndham
    • By Wyndham 17th Apr 18, 8:57 PM
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    I used to deal with University applications (for postgraduate) and occasionally had very strange applicants. While I realise it's not the same as job applications, I did once have someone apply about 20 times, and do you know, they didn't get onto any of the courses.... The reason was not that they had applied 20 times, but that they were not qualified.

    I used to have a 'special' file with certain names in it. The OP would have ended up there....
    • silverwhistle
    • By silverwhistle 18th Apr 18, 12:48 AM
    • 2,248 Posts
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    So you used a shotgun of applications and then wonder why you didn't hit the bullseye of a job?

    Putting this politely, you don't seem to be very aware. Haven't you noticed how many diverse types of people are employed in the UK hospitality industry. I've no idea of your origins, but perhaps you need to look at the content of your applications. Were they in many different locations: sometimes employers are looking for someone within range of the employment? Were they 21 diverse roles and were you applying for all of them? Are you a qualified chef, manager, maintenance operative..?

    I was chatting to an Italian friend the other day. She works in London and used the term 'raccomandato' for somebody who got a job she wanted. I knew what she meant but for the life of me I couldn't think of an English word in the vernacular to translate it, so I checked the dictionary. 'Placeman' - i.e. someone who gets the job for who they know, not what they know. You may get the occasional internal promotion in large organisations which are obliged to advertise externally, and it's a waste of time for external applicants.

    But Travelodge? Nah..
    • redpete
    • By redpete 18th Apr 18, 1:13 AM
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    Once they admitted a system fault instead of accusing them of fraud and lying you could have asked if they could reconsider the applications. When they say you didn't fil!!!314; in the citizenship and criminal record answers it does not mean they are accusing you of being a foreign criminal. When you ask for advice don't threaten people with reporting them to MSE forum police. When you get an answer from a senior manager don't insult them and waste their time by insisting you deal with the Chief Exec. Don't behave with such an attitude of entitlement and confrontation if you are applying for any kind of job that involves dealing with people (i.e. any kind of job).

    If i saw 21 applicatiions for different jobs from one person i would assume you had no idea what you wanted to do or were suitable for and would reject them all, it is not my responsibility to do this for you.

    Thank you for providing so many lessons in how not to behave in so few posts.
    Last edited by redpete; 18-04-2018 at 1:17 AM.
    loose does not rhyme with choose but lose does and is the word you meant to write.
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