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    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 19th Oct 17, 8:40 PM
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    The Plan
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    • 19th Oct 17, 8:40 PM
    The Plan 19th Oct 17 at 8:40 PM
    Ive called this 'The Plan'...because im terrible for constantly planning financials things, goals, spending etc. This habit followed my 20's of constant overspending with little thought to what I was doing and little enjoyment gained from doing so, I never want to be so wasteful again - I worked very hard and had nothing to show for it. I think working that hard was a mistake also, I would like to live with more intention, peace and play in my life.
    The constant planning does seem to work for us as we have done well paying down debt and getting ourselves into a much less precarious position than previously, to be honest we couldve done it faster but I am happy with where we are.
    We were in debt, not a huge amount but enough to cause us constant angst and limiting our options. We took massive pay cuts to move to the south west, our debt was probably equal to one persons salary.
    We paid it all off, had a good couple of years of holidays and now we're expecting our first child with only the mortgage debt. In anticipation of expecting our first child, we have fixed for 5 years but we borrowed an additional 14,000 in order to get a driveway done (terrible parking in our area) and external wall insulation which has made a massive difference to the comfort of the house.

    Todays totals:
    Mortgage 1: 123,000
    Mortgage 2: 12,500

    I can overpay just under 15k without penalty each year - year ending 30th April
    So far we have overpaid 5,700
    The aim is to overpay 12k each year, so 6,300 to be paid before May 18.
    6k a year should be very doable even when I go on maternity leave in just over a month, 12k a year will be a lot of focus and effort but I think will be possible.

    We're motivated to do this as we want to pay down the mortgage as much as possible before the kid is old enough to realise it is going without

    We both have a very strong desire to work part time, me in particular. I find that the more I get paid the more I suffer from 'neverbloodyhappyitis'. I did have a menial/poorly paid job when we first moved down which I rather enjoyed but because we were in debt I was often working 7 day weeks, rarely anything less than 6 days a week.
    I am now fairly well paid again, less than before we moved but doing OK, it has been a slog to get here and I am grateful for it. The bosses seem consistently pleased with the work I produce but I find it stressful, I cant stand the corporate nonsense that goes with it and feeling trapped in my job for the higher salary.

    I would like the option of having a menial/low paid/doing job that I actually enjoy doing again or going very part time so the corporate nonsense has less affect on my life. Im not particularly high up, I could really throw myself at it and get a career going again, I wanted one once but Im not sure Im cut out for it the ripe old age of 35 Im disillusioned and burnt out by work

    I will do our SOA over the next couple of days and outline my plan. The above is just the reasoning and current status.

    I will be using this diary to keep on track but will not intend to update every day, I will endevour to keep updating because these boards are so helpful!

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    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 5th Nov 17, 6:57 AM
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    Thanks Wishing. Im going to bear that in mind. The guilt already sneaks in and the baby hasnt even arrived yet. I want to make the choice not to get too many toys but when you go round to peoples houses, they're chocca block full of toys and it does make me question if Im right in my thinking. As cliche as it is, I would rather spend on experiences than toys, swimming is the primary thing I will insist on that may cost a lot but if we stay careful we have the first years worth of swimming money already because we havent spent what we were given by parents.

    I dont have a John Lewis near me but if I do go near one I shall have to pop in. I have bought one nursing bra for the cost of 2 at JL, I definitely want to be able to try it on first.

    In MS news, the ebay sales settled which should net a profit of 200 after fees. The more expensive item did not do as well as I had hoped (probably was looking to net just under 300 in total) but I really couldnt justify keeping it - I wouldnt pay that much to purchase it now and I think minimalism rules say if you wouldnt buy it now - sell it. Just a bit disappointed the income didnt meet my expectations but it is more money off the balance for next month.

    I have restarted my YNAB budget. I wanted to hide my savings accounts from YNAB and not have it counting towards the age of money etc. When I tried to close the account it kept putting me in the red. Its been 12 months since I got YNAB and I have started and closed so many categories whilst learning, I have decided to start completely afresh.
    It is now showing I have 109 over budgeted which is bamboozling me but this is why I needed a fresh start.
    We have also set up another bank account for just for matched betting. With all the transactions, and people not paying out until days after they should YNAB was getting too complicated to reconcile and keep track of. So those movements will be kept off YNAB until a profit is 'realised' by transfering into joint account to pay off the mortgage.
    2 Lamp shades returned to the shop and cleaned down the ones we already had. (18cr)
    Meal plan has been written.
    When I went to town I got so hungry (had been awake for 7 hours but only had 2 bits of toast) I did use a pound off my advantage card points to buy a sandwich. I should have been more prepared and had a second breakfast before leaving the house but i think that was an alright compromise.

    Moneysaving has otherwise been fairly unexciting. We spent most of last weekend and most of the day yesterday sorting things from my to do list. Its rather dull but Im putting yesterdays tasks here anyway:
    -Meal planned
    - Both cars cleaned and cleaned out. 2nd car was so grubby it had to be washed twice. I even had to hose moss off in some places . I hadnt cleaned it since I bought it and the previous owners kept the inside spotless but not the outside, it was also parked under trees.
    -wiper blades replaced
    -screen wash topped up
    -Kitchen blind installed
    - Bedrooms, hall and living room: all surfaces damp dusted and fully vacuumed
    - internal and external windows cleaned
    - Mowed lawn
    - Washed walls and ceiling and every surface of bathroom with sugar soap (dregs needed using up) or bathroom cleaner
    - posted 1st ebay item
    - washed and line dried (havent put away) 2 loads of washing
    - took 3 items of clothing and 3 electrical Items to charity shop
    also napped in pm for an hour as woke at 3am and couldnt get back to sleep

    Outstanding items:
    -Spot clean hallway carpet (a few decorating slip ups)
    - wash all surfaces, walls and ceilings etc of kitchen
    - weed back garden
    - bathroom shower and kitchen sink sealant replacement
    - freegle garden incinerator
    - sow lettuce in greenhouse
    - caulk around front door

    Doing that and then walking to town to watch the fireworks helped me get another hour of sleep before insomnia woke me up at 4ish this morning. Physically I can definitely feel myself starting to tire more quickly but the mind seems to want me to sleep in 2 phases at the moment.
    We have a couple of free days out today and tomorrow + cinema tomorrow evening. I am off work Tuesday so will finish those tasks off then.
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • gallygirl
    • By gallygirl 5th Nov 17, 7:36 AM
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    All the FI websites say I should invest rather than pay down the mortgage and I understand the logic but....the thing that helps me sleep at night is de-leveraging.
    I only invested for 5 months at 200 a month and actually ended up worrying that I would lose my money, I'm far more risk averse than I realised. Our aim is to reduce not add to our worries so investing outside of the work pension is off the cards for the next 12 months at least.
    Originally posted by Scrimps
    Yup, financially it is best to invest long term but you can't underestimate the feeling of security from owning your own home. However, all too soon your little one(s in the future????) will be up and grown and you'll want to retire - you also can't underestimate how lovely it is to not have to work any more . Maybe think about investing any unexpected money longer term? E.g. you should get a tax rebate this tax year - maybe stash that away longer term?

    Hope the test results have come back clear. Take it easy - but it does sound like you're already 'nesting' .
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
    Mortgage Balance = 0
    "Do what others won't early in life so you can do what others can't later in life"
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 5th Nov 17, 8:24 AM
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    Haha very good point gallygirl. We do actually want to retire fairly early but the mortgage balance is currently just higher and over a longer term than we feel comfortable with. I do keep thinking we should invest something extra though, perhaps just not yet.

    I forgot to mention the test results. The medical professionals have certified me as normal
    It must have just been some kind of virus or that salt thing, or just bring pregnant, or......who knows!. My HR hasnt been as low since and I've felt fine for the most part.

    Nesting started in month 6, is been bonkers.
    I uttered wanting to paint the kitchen yesterday. I just got a look
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 6th Nov 17, 4:25 PM
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    DH and I had a free day at the Eden project yesterday and out at the beach today. We're off to the cinema tonight, its their 5 per ticket night and we're not buying sweets so it keeps it very reasonable.

    For dinner last night we had a thai curry out of a jar with sainsburys basics basa fillets. It was very tasty and a break from our usual, to be frank quite bland fayre. I had a look and I dont think I could make it cheaper from scratch as we do with other meals. I made Jack Monroes Banana bread last night, we ate half of it and then had the other half down the beach after sandiwches for a picnic was supposed to last us longer than that but its so tasty!! Im going to make another one tonight and also a flapjack topped with pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin harvested from the garden which will help keep DH and I from not spending money on food at work.

    I could really get used to having these extra days, it was great down the beach - even though work did keep popping into my head. Its just fantastic having all this time!

    - The kettle broke, there is a local 'bring and fix for a donation' group but they did Novembers yesterday. Ive bought a cheap one to keep me going and keep as a spare but I would like to see if it could be fixed, I dont like sending it to landfil. I checked the fuse, thats fine so Im all out of ideas. I havent left budget in ynab for replacing this this month which youre supposed to do, I need to get over not wanting to leave money in there saving from month to month rather than paying it off the mortgage at the start of the month. I just think I would have been more careful spending money on the house if I didnt have it sat there, I probably did overspend a bit.
    - second and last ebay sale was posted off this morning
    - took half the cash out of the bank for the nieces and nephews Christmas presents today. This will be stored in an envelope and next half with come out next month.
    - bought some sleepy time herbal teas out of my own spending budget. Ive had very irritating issues staying asleep again, I thought I had gotten over it but the last few nights had been bad. I bothered to make myself my last sleep herbal tea last night - this resulted in me sleeping all night so it does seem to help.

    Its not very rock and roll but ive had quite a lovely, inexpensive few days
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 7th Nov 17, 8:35 AM
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    DH is back at work today so I have my last planned day of getting stuff sorted before I really feel like the nest has been built and I can just go to keeping everything ticking over. I do have some outside jobs but I think its heavy rain all day so will mostly stay indoors.

    -Spot clean hallway carpet (a few decorating slip ups)
    - wash all surfaces, walls and ceilings etc of kitchen. Ive already been through all the cupboard and thrown out the out of date stuff
    -sort cupboard under stairs

    - caulk around front door
    - Paperwork sort out - I have thrown a lot of old stuff out but I have this stuff stored in a few places around the house.
    - Sort through clothing draws. (DH has been better at helping with putting away washing etc, but he puts things in the wrong places so I need to sort this out)

    I only managed 2. I had no idea my kitchen was that grotty
    Top tip, dishwasher tablets make great surface cleaners, it just kept lifting more and more dirt from the floor so I had to go back and do it again and again. My lower back has definately had enough now, so apart from doing the homemade pizzas tonight - Im sitting or laying down for the rest of the evening. DH is picking himself up a beer as had a terrible day at work and me some alcohol free beer. Pizza and a movie in order I think.
    I managed a few onepolls at lunch so up to 28 there now.

    I mentioned previously I was keeping an inventory of cosmetics etc that needed using up but I didnt list it it. Rather than joining the specific thread Im just going to list it all here and go through it periodically.
    Hairspray x2
    sebastian hair gel 75ml
    nice and easy hair dye 1
    Carino tee tree shampoo 250ml
    Carino coconut conditioner 250ml
    Paul Mitchell Shampoo one 500ml
    Paul Mitchell Conditioner 750ml (I dont like this as a conditioner so use it as a shave gel - may take a while)
    Superdrug Argan oil Conditioner 300ml
    Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3 250ml (I havent been swimming in ages and probably wont start again until spring, so this will take a while to be used up)
    Paul Mitchell Conditioning treatment 250ml (as above)
    Mitchum Deodrent x3
    Sanex Deo x1
    sainsburys shower gel 30ml
    Dr Bronner 4 in 1 organic baby sugar soap 355ml (I bought this for baby and for handwash but its too drying so I will just use it as a body wash)
    Oliva soap 1 large bar
    Nivea Cleansing cream wash 30ml
    sukin cream face cleanser 75ml
    simple face wash 100ml
    simple kind to skin repleninshing moisturiser 75ml
    superdrug hydrating serum last legs
    lush dream cream 50 ml
    sainsburys vite body lotion 350ml
    Bio-oil 200ml
    Last edited by Scrimps; 07-11-2017 at 4:54 PM. Reason: update list
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 9th Nov 17, 7:26 AM
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    Yesterday was a NSD as I was at work and had homemade cake and flapjack to satisfy my sweet tooth. Today should be the same. I take batch cooked meals to work so I can have a hot meal. Today's lunch is cottage pie suprise....I've chucked a few things that needed using up in there, tastes fine but sometims a bit odd it'll be the same for lunch tomorrow too. I would like a nsd tomorrow also as we going out for dinner on Saturday.

    Just got to get through the work days. I ended up getting a bit upset at the end of the day yesterday when noone was around, people there are lovely but on some things I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing and it's horrible being in that position. Ill try and focus on what I'm doing, not how I'm doing and get though it.

    Have a good day all.
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 9th Nov 17, 7:57 AM
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    ....oh yes then I got home and found that I had a parking ticket from overstaying in a 2hr limit car park. I went there for a work meeting which over ran, I completely forgot about the 2hr limit and stayed 2hr25m. I see that these can no longer just be ignored like before but I may have a option to challenge as it took them over 40 days to issue the ticket and they're supposed to do it in 35
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 14th Nov 17, 9:26 AM
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    Only 3 days of work left It does mean I shall have to buy cakes etc from my discretionary fund but im happy to do it.

    Some unexpected expenses have come up this month:
    - 51.50 Car parking ticket. (1.50 is for paying by debt card) There was no way around this unfortunately
    - 15 for sorting our life insurance
    - 189 for will writing ( I think this may end up coming out of decembers spending as we're having to wait a bit for the call back appointment). I got one of will packs from smiths but decided to do it proper.
    - 200 The MOT was due early December but so is the baby so I got it done early. At 200 it wasnt too bad for a car that age - and one I thought may have quite a few problems. They couldnt do the service which I will taking it back for next week.
    ^^^^all in all, a cheery weekend

    -bought an additional 5 baby grows for 5 from the charity shop. We were a bit short on full sleeve newborn ones but I think we're set now. We have lots of vests as most of our relatives had summer babies.
    - took more bits to the charity shop to clear out the house some more

    Ive been tilly tidying the spending categories in ynab (up to 1.24)
    My ebay sale funds came in at around 200 after fees. As before, I was hoping for more but I wont really miss what I sold.
    We've been meal planning of course and also because Im down to three day weeks at work Ive done more cooking from scratch than usual. Weve had a few massive home made pizzas, flapjacks and cakes. Ive been ravenous and it has stopped me buying 'treats' when im out and about. There are a lot of chillis, curries and fish in the freezer and on meal plan so its not all sweet goods
    I have 53 left for food for the rest of the month. It doesnt seem like much but the fridge/freezer and cupboards are still full so I think our big shop method is working. I shall stay careful until the end of the month.

    I found myself browsing around some lovely clothes shops yesterday - remembered the embargo I set myself and walked out and home quickly.

    Onepolling and getting to the bottom of that to do list is todays focus.

    .....after a coffee
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 20th Nov 17, 6:16 PM
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    Gah! Just got the car back from its service, after taking the wheels off they found brake issues that needed fixing. I do trust this garage but I am annoyed as with the full service and the brake issues it cost another 350....which I had paid of the mortgage. This is leading to next month being rather tight, especially as the cat is going to need another prescription and the money I hadnt planned for on the will writing etc.

    Its rather an old car and as previoulsy stated, I was concerned there would be a few things wrong with it. I have found a car maintenance course at the local college, there is one that starts in a couple of days but I dont think I could fit under the car in my present condition so Im going to sign up for the ones in April. I want to learn how to service my own vehicles and I will take it to the council test centre for its MOTS, otherwise owning 2 cars will get too expensive. I wasnt previously averse to only having one at all but found myself stuck at home and rather unhappy about it quite a few times over the last year and I dont want to return to that....public transport is not a viable option where I live.

    There will be no over-payment made next month. Must remember that once upon a time, we wouldnt have been able pay cash for any of this in a month, let alone all of it in one go. still doing well, just not as well as I thought at the start of the month
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 26th Nov 17, 7:47 AM
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    November Review
    Nothing major should change over the next few days so Im 'closing' November down now. I have money left for groceries and a bit of going out if need be.

    Overpayment for November 2017: 719.37
    Food: 220 (have added 20 as we seem to struggle with 200) On target
    Car Parking: 10. Spent 61.50 due to ticket
    Diesel: 70 (im hoping this wont all be needed this month) On target
    Cat food: 27 Probably should have been 10 extra to get to end of month but due to impending baby arrival and money off deal I bulk bought so total cost 113. (eta: also want a 'buffer' here with a few weeks extra of cat food kept in the house)
    Cat medical: 295 carried forward from Oct for vaccinations not yet done 82.71
    Baby: 450 (carried forward) Carrying forward 400, got a few more supplies like bottle sterilisers in case breast feeding doesnt work out and post delivery consumables etc. Not sure I would have bought these if I didnt have the money but am please with the purchases.
    Own spends: 300 (150 each) 20 each left
    No cosmetics: Boots points: 57.24 (this is my annual budget for hair dye, face wash, mascara etc) 47.96
    No Clothes: target met

    What went well/cost less than expected:
    - Home baking seemed to keep us away from spending temptation (usually food) as we still seem to have rather a lot of food left and 15 in the food budget
    - Gained approx 200 in income from ebay selling some tech, even though I had hoped for more it obviously proved helpful to cover the overspending
    - Still nearly full on the car fuel tanks

    What didnt go so well/cost more than expected:
    - I spent a lot more on cat food than planned for. We used to bulk buy some dried/ specialist food for one of our cats, he was poorly recently and went off his food so we were giving him Felix as good as it looks to keep him eating and had to buy it when it wasnt on offer. This became really quite expensive, (even compared to when we used to raw feed). Ive bulk bought wet and dry food that should get us to the end of the year but budget rejigging was involved. additions cost 86
    - I got a 50 parking ticket where I was bang to rights so had to pay it
    - The MOT went OK but the car service did not, extra issues were found when the wheels came off resulting in total car bill of 565 for the month. It is running much better now though.
    - Will writing. I bought a pack from smiths but then decided to do it properly. Additional cost 185
    - Life insurance. We would get a cash lump sum through work but if something happened I figure we needed an income. I have arranged family income benefit for both of us at 22 but there was an additional cost of 15 arrangement fee.
    - Boots points were 57.24 now 47.96. Bought some face creams as face skin was just getting so dry and sore.
    - I still seem to be finding things to spend money on for the house. A few more DIY tasks etc but these expenses keep cropping up. Approx additional 50
    Last edited by Scrimps; 26-11-2017 at 8:24 AM.
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 26th Nov 17, 8:15 AM
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    December Plan
    Total for month: 2070
    Food: 220 - not sure if this will be needed. We dont go in for xmas but we will have guests due to the babys arrival so the biscuit budget will be blown this month
    Car Parking: 110 - permit up for renewl
    Fuel: 75 - shouldnt use it all
    Cat Food: 50 - shouldnt use it all
    Cat Medical: 100 - will definately need
    Car Maint & Ins: 240 - insurance due in Jan
    Home Maint: 20
    Other/Misc: 10
    Discretionary: 175 each (350) - Includes xmas, phone bills, haircuts etc

    Other outgoings such as mortgages etc are not negotiable so I wont detail them.
    This is our entire budget for the month.
    I do not have anything to overpay the mortgage, the income has reduced in part due to covering last months extras.
    Also - lesson learned, Im dont intend to use up my buffers again. Its difficult seeing money sat there I dont think I will need but actually, using them to overpay last month just meant I have had to top up again this month. That is why there are some categories that have money assigned even if I dont intend to use it this month.

    I really, really want to overpay 1000 a month but I dont think that will happen. 500 will doable from January onwards.
    I did receive a warning from the chap fixing a couple of roof tiles this month that they're all very fragile and we need to start saving for a new roof, I intend to keep adding to the cash pot which I wasnt intending on doing before. I dont know how imminent the new roof is - the factors are too variable but we will keep it going as long as we can. The tiles are about 90 years old so it is to be expected.
    Anything over 500 will have to come from additional income from surveys and MB'ing etc or in month budget saving - though see above about buffers!
    I have signed up for prolific academic and swagbucks. I have set up a new bank account so I can start MB'ing; OH is going to focus on bookies and im going to focus on casino and bingo. I will have to take this slowly though as it is not risk free, you do have to concentrate and I see fatigue in my future
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • TwentySomethingGirl
    • By TwentySomethingGirl 30th Nov 17, 10:44 AM
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    Hi Scrimps

    I hope you're doing OK with the pregnancy. Nesting hasn't happened for me, though the flat could have done with it! You seem really organised with the batch cooking and planning so I'm sure you'll be fine making your OPs on maternity!

    Mortgage 126746 DEC14 122423.53 DEC15 115041.70 DEC16 Remortgaged Sep17 to pay off HtB loan 150000
    MFW2018 #85 0/500
    MFW2017 2633.7/2500
    MFW2016 3614.63/2500
    MFW2015 811.60/1200
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 16th Jan 18, 11:01 AM
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    Well its been a complete rollercoaster since my last post. I went overdue and then had a difficult delivery and subsequent infections to get on top of. Our son is doing well and I am getting better now. Physically healing but mental health has taken a bit of a knock which Im getting help for.

    The budget was completely blown in December. Hospital car parking cost over 60 due to an extended stay and subsequent appointments, food budget just went bananas, nearly 400, I couldnt even tell you what on. Cat medical was rather pricy (100 overspend on top of 130 for prescription)- the cats were rather stunned by the new arrival so I bought some extra Feliway diffusers and zylkene to help them adjust. I couldnt deal with them moving out as well as everything else that went wrong so it was money well spent in my book - theyve stuck around though they may have done anyway.

    Baby budget is all gone. I was intending to breastfeed, I had quite a lot of support to do so but it hasnt worked out. Im still quite upset about this and still considering changing my mind but I think the effort I put in/difficulty I was having was detrimental to mine and DS's bond to be honest. I still really want to breastfeed but think Im starting to accept its not going to happen.
    I bought a perfect prep machine that makes up the formula so much easier, it was pricey at 100 but I think its worth it when it comes to night feeds. Formula will be an ongoing expense I wasnt expecting. The money spent on pumps etc will prove to have been a waste.

    More cash gifts were gratefully received for DS but we're not buying expenses out of that - its strictly for toys and fun stuff.

    Total for month: 2415
    Food: 44 of 200 left. Im not sure what we're going to do about this budget going forward. Perhaps when things settle down I can do more on the home economy front its just been too much recently
    Car Parking: 0 of 10 left
    Fuel: 0 of 40 left - should be enough for the month
    Cat Food: 0/0 - stockpiled on previous months
    Cat Medical: 0/0 see above
    Car Maint & Ins: 100 of 170 left - insurance changed from 2 single to one multicar policy so just a small part payment needed to be made. Itll be nice to not have car insurance due in january now.
    Home Maint: 20
    Other/Misc: 0 of 10 left. Think this went on stamps and thank you cards
    Discretionary: 80 me and 155 DH. I reallocated some of mine to DS, needed to buy formula and chose to buy a perfect prep machine.

    Overpayment of 500 has been made for this month. Im aboutto hit my 40 withdrawl on onepoll. Swagbucks also subsidised the cat expences in decemeber to the tune of about 20.

    Yet to start matched betting.
    MFW: May 17: 143,000 o/s. Oct 17: 135,090 o/s. End Nov:133,588 Mid March 131,490.18
    OP Target 12k by end May 18. As @ end March 18: 8,170.48
    • pjcox2005
    • By pjcox2005 16th Jan 18, 12:20 PM
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    Do either you or your partner have private medical insurance e.g. through work? If so, and you had a prolonged stay in hospital with the birth (i.e. more than one night) then it's worth checking whether they'll pay out as most do on a per night basis.
    • VDOT47
    • By VDOT47 16th Jan 18, 12:21 PM
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    Hi Scrimps, just read through your diary and now your most recent update. Congratulations on your little boy :-) - hopefully things will settle down for you after what sounds like quite a rocky start! Just wanted to say that the investment in the Perfect Prep will be absolutely worth it over the next 12 months!

    Sounds like you and OH have done incredibly well to have made such a good overpayment this month, so don't fret too much about overspending on groceries etc.

    I will follow your updates with interest :-)
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    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 16th Jan 18, 12:44 PM
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    I still cant get multi quote to work.
    pjcox - re the private medical insurance. No unfortunately neither of us have this any more, thank you anyway.
    VDOT - it is incredibly good, it saves an awful lot of faffing. Im sure I will appreciate it more when I get over the whole guilt about not breastfeeding. As it is, its pretty handy.....I dont even have to go downstairs to make up a bottle, everything is set up in the spare room!
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    • Tropically
    • By Tropically 16th Jan 18, 1:35 PM
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    • *little.squirrel*
    • By *little.squirrel* 16th Jan 18, 4:46 PM
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    Congrats on your baby boy!

    Try not to feel too bad about your food budget. When my first was born I stressed majorly over the money we were spending on food, and where it was going. I'd feel guilty about takeaway and then spend a ton on fresh food that just didn't get used. When my second came along I refused to feel guilty about ready meals or takeaway and just tried to spend time with baby! I think you have to allow yourself some leeway because things are different now and will take some getting used to, and balancing out.

    p.s. I just set myself a no cosmetics and no new clothes challenge! I'm not sure my DH thinks its possible but I am going to try.
    • ChasingSunshine
    • By ChasingSunshine 16th Jan 18, 6:09 PM
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    Congratulations on your baby!! Please don't beat yourself up over the breastfeeding, formula might not be what you had planned but sometimes no matter how hard you try breastfeeding is just not the right thing for you and the little one and you just have to go with what works for you and enjoy getting to know your little one. This is just an early sign that kids can trash the best made plans

    Also don't get caught up in worrying about the food budget just now. There are lots of changes and it will take time to find your new normal. And well done on even thinking of an overpayment this month never mind actually making one!
    • Scrimps
    • By Scrimps 17th Jan 18, 11:32 AM
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    Thanks for the support all, things are getting better slowly and it is still early days. I went to my first mother and baby group today which has been a help - all the first time mums seem to be equally overwhelmed despite all the preparing. I do think if I hadnt have prepared the house so much I would have struggled to cope more but really all the preparing in the world cant replace the support needed once the little one arrives. Youre right about kids trashing plans! Re the breast feeding, I think all the antenatal public health messages are grreat for people who are sitting on the fence about breatfeeding, but if you want to do it just adds to the guilt when it hasnt worked out for you.
    Both the midwife and GP told me to just let it go yesterday,DS and I being happy is the most important

    I have booked a cheap sun holiday to northumbria in May this morning. Ive never been further north than birmingham and that was just a day trip so it'll be nice to visit some more of the country. Some of our friends have moved to sheffield so we will be stopping in with them on the way there and back - itll be a long drive from south cornwall no matter how we do it. Once I take all the airport faffing into account its probably no longer than our usual cheap annual flight to portugal but much much cheaper and hopefully easier with a young baby to take with us also.

    I just have one more survey to get my 40 from onepoll but keep getting problems loading the page and/or getting told this survey isnt for me has expired! Once I get that money itll probably go on an additional overpayment.
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