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    • JackieO
    • By JackieO 12th Jul 17, 10:46 AM
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    What are the meals you have never tried /cooked for what ever reason
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    • 12th Jul 17, 10:46 AM
    What are the meals you have never tried /cooked for what ever reason 12th Jul 17 at 10:46 AM
    Hi everyone I thought as a bit of a mood lightener I have been thinking about stuff that, for what ever reason I have never tried ,bought ,cooked or tasted so far I have come up with this

    Risotto,: I prefer my rice as a pudding with cinnamon and a thick crispy skin and some single cream (yeah i know its probably evil and unhealthy, and the food nazi's will want to hang me out to dry )) but hey at my age I can enjoy what I like and I like old fashioned HM rice pud so there I do eat a little boiled rice with a curry though

    Stir Fry : never had one or fancied one ,but as I don't like chinese food in any shape or form its hardly surprising, each to their own and I prefer a nice hot curry instead

    Butternut squash : Looked at them and decided that a whopping great squash for me would take me
    A far too long to eat and
    B. far too long to muck about cooking

    I like cooking and probably if it was made for me and I had time to sit down and eat it I may enjoy it .

    Trying to work out why anyone would enjoy eating spinach. I have cooked it, and eaten it but no matter what it to me just tastes of wet grass, a pan full of green mulch that cooks down to virtually nothing and tastes of nothing

    So come on chums lets be truthful what is the food that you think is
    A over rated
    B would never cook in a month of Sundays

    I am sure that often we see stuff cooked on TV and are 'educated' into eating it . At the moment 'kale ' seems to be the veg that we are being 'persuaded to eat, to me Kale is something you feed cattle and not humans

    could be interesting I am not knocking anyone who enjoys the above just its not for me

    JackieO xx

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    • Slinky
    • By Slinky 12th Jul 17, 11:35 AM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 11:35 AM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 11:35 AM
    Ooo Jackie you're missing out on lovely spiced butternut squash soup. I love it so much I'm happy to eat it several days on the trot. Or there's always the option of freezing some. It only takes about 15 mins to prep and 35 to cook.

    I've never tried to cook beef wellington, I'm not confident of my cooking skills.

    I've never cooked liver as although I love liver and onions, I'm not good with the thought of handling raw liver.

    Agree with your thoughts on kale..... yuck
    • BBH123
    • By BBH123 12th Jul 17, 11:48 AM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 11:48 AM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 11:48 AM

    Any kind of nasty meat, strange cuts, fatty, not ethically sourced
    • PasturesNew
    • By PasturesNew 12th Jul 17, 12:02 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 12:02 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 12:02 PM
    My list will be MASSIVE!

    I've not had any "modern stuff" - you know the stuff, that's suddenly everywhere and sometimes you don't even know what it is or how to prounounce it. Or stuff that used to exist some years ago but wasn't widely available. e.g. spinach, avocado, quinoa, chia seeds

    I've not had any "funny/big vegetables" because there's just me and I won't buy something to try when it's the size of an elephant and I might hate it e.g. butternut squash, pumpkin

    I've not had much "ethnic food" - I don't eat out, so have had very limited opportunity to ever try/taste these things. So I've never had (wouldn't eat anyway) sushi, or Japanese, or most other foreign stuff (I've just had indian, chinese, thai really).

    I don't cook joints of meat - they're too big for starters. I don't like touching any raw meat really. I tend to cook/buy meat in tiny portions, entirely stripped of any skin, bones, fat, gristle.

    I've never had and will never have, any offal items .... snouts and lips and all those white innards... ewwwww.

    I've never had "fresh fish" and couldn't bear to ever have an actual real fish in the house.... yuck. I'll stick to fishcakes and fish fingers thank you.

    I'd never cook anything "fancy looking that takes a lot of faffing around and high-maintenance presentation faffing".

    I haven't had and don't use cream - I was put off cream when it used to be a thick blob on top of milk in the 1960s. I don't mind cream being IN some dishes, but I don't wish to be the one that puts it there. Also, a swirl of cream on top of a bowl of soup looks gross.

    Winkles and cockles are gross - mum used to eat these, with a pin. Gross. Creepy little snot bubbles.

    Mostly I don't like/eat/cook/buy much pork/derivatives. I find bacon, ham, etc salty and I hate salt. So all gammon, bacon, ham are mostly completely ignored.
    • GreenQueen
    • By GreenQueen 12th Jul 17, 12:37 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 12:37 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 12:37 PM
    A. I think caviar is overrated. Don't have a problem with the taste, but the texture just seems weird.

    B. I love mussels, but have never cooked them myself. I've heard too many horror stories about food poisoning, and am afraid that I'd get it wrong.

    I can't agree with you about kale or spinach though - grow both in the garden and love them. Either shredded and briefly stir-fried(!) with one or more of onion/garlic/red chilli/flaked almonds/pinenuts and a splash of lemon juice at the end is a delicious side dish

    • Oakdene
    • By Oakdene 12th Jul 17, 12:45 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 12:45 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 12:45 PM
    B. I love mussels, but have never cooked them myself. I've heard too many horror stories about food poisoning, and am afraid that I'd get it wrong.
    Originally posted by GreenQueen
    They're so easy to cook, rinse them before you steam them, ensuring you chuck any that arent closed, steam them in a pot with some white wine, finely diced onion & garlic, they're done when they are open
    • Hermia
    • By Hermia 12th Jul 17, 1:19 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 1:19 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 1:19 PM
    I can't agree with you about kale or spinach though - grow both in the garden and love them. Either shredded and briefly stir-fried(!) with one or more of onion/garlic/red chilli/flaked almonds/pinenuts and a splash of lemon juice at the end is a delicious side dish
    Originally posted by GreenQueen
    Yum! Spinach is best raw IMO. I love including lots in my salads. I am at risk of macular degeneration so my optician orders me to have plenty of spinach and leafy greens in my diet as it is supposed to help.

    I will try most foods. The only ones I won't cook are ones that are a lot of faff. I never cook Sunday roasts as I live on my own and it's too much work. I would rather treat myself to one in a restaurant occasionally. I also avoid smelly foods as I live in a flat and it is hard to air it. I therefore eat out if I fancy an Indian.

    I don't find any foods overrated TBH. Obviously food fads can be annoying, but I still like to try them.
    • gilly1964
    • By gilly1964 12th Jul 17, 1:38 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 1:38 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 1:38 PM
    Artichokes and fennel - no idea what you do with them

    Jellied eels - why would anyone

    Whole fish or seafood - I don't eat food that looks at me. Filleted or steaks are fine

    Blue cheese - yuck

    Sweetcorn - food of the devil

    Duck - find it too greasy

    Game - too strong flavoured

    Rice pudding, custard, semolina, tapioca, trifle - school dinner trauma
    • jack_pott
    • By jack_pott 12th Jul 17, 2:14 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 2:14 PM
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    • 12th Jul 17, 2:14 PM
    I once went to a 10 course Chinese wedding banquet and only ate 9 of the courses. I passed on the "sea cucumber", a kind of giant foot-long sea slug.
    • kathrynha
    • By kathrynha 12th Jul 17, 2:19 PM
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    Pretty much willing to try anything, although I am wary when it comes to cooking shell fish.

    Only stuff I avoid are celery and almonds due to allergies
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    • maman
    • By maman 12th Jul 17, 2:45 PM
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    I'll eat most things and keen to try new tastes.

    Although I like seafood (especially cockles and mussels) I've never fancied the slipperiness of oysters.

    I don't like the taste of sprouts and not keen on sloppy foods like risotto or yogurt.

    Some posts here I find sad. Of course I respect your right to eat what you want but some diets sound very narrow.
    • loocyloo
    • By loocyloo 12th Jul 17, 3:04 PM
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    I don't eat seafood ... just really don't like it, and not that fussed about fish either! I will and do cook it though (for other people!)

    I can't abide avocado, so have never cooked it! Nor smoked foods ( once was very airsick on a Lufthansa plane ... so now smoked foods just remind me and I can't face them! )

    Dh would like me to cook mussels for him, but I'm worried about getting it wrong and poisoning everyone.

    I'll happily give most things a go though!

    Every time I buy a bag of kale, the lady in the shop asks me how I cook it ... I don't! I feed it to the guinea pigs !!!
    • Ginmonster
    • By Ginmonster 12th Jul 17, 3:04 PM
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    Apart from being veggie I'll pretty much give anything a go. I might discover my new favourite food. And if it's not so good, well I just won't bother again(I'll be honest, I find the idea of deciding you won't like something before you even try it completely incomprehensible). And even things I've started off being not too keen on I've grown to like more as I've kept trying them. I never really liked parsnips and swede but I kept getting them in my veg box and so kept having to find ways to use them. They're not my favourite veg but I like them enough now. I'm still working on Jerusalem artichokes though....

    There are only a couple of things I truly dislike :

    Anything almond flavoured - even the smell makes me heave
    Blue cheese
    Candied peel

    I don't have much patience for the snake oil industry of superfoods and supplements either. All these terribly expensive things that people turn into weird green drinks that they don't even like when all they need to really do is just eat some vegetables. In real meals. That taste nice. And then you can spend the money on something much more fun like a nice bottle of gin (which one day they will discover is a superfood). :-)
    • Prinzessilein
    • By Prinzessilein 12th Jul 17, 3:11 PM
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    I will eat most things (which really doesn't help with weight loss!...I will happily scoff just about anything - in large portions!)....including food that many people have on their 'never' lists....

    Kale?....yum yum yum!....cook it slowly, with oats and sausage (in Germany, different parts of the country have their own 'secret' recipes for sausages specifically designed to be cooked with kale)

    Pig-Knuckle (I call it Eisbein) ...with pease-pudding

    Blood-Sausage ...(including, but not limited to Black Pudding)

    Spinach....lightly boiled/steamed with boiled potatoes and a fried egg with runny yolk.

    Liver...lightly grilled/fried and served with semolina dumplings.

    Butternut the stuff...and I was spiralizing BNS and Courgette long before it was in vogue!

    So, what will I NOT eat?....

    Snails....ugh...even typing the word makes me nauseous!

    Oysters, cockles, winkles and mussels (although other shellfish is on the menu!)

    Olives .....nasty....just of satan and all his minions... (although olive oil is good!)

    Cheese (needs to be consumed in small quantities as I have an intolerance)

    Tinned Mackerel ( over 20 years ago I had food poisoning from some...and was really ill...since then my brain refuses to accept the idea of eating it)

    Tofu....I have been willing to try it...but have yet to find anything that is palatable.

    I don't eat much in the way of Sunday Roasts or Trifles...much as I love them, it is hard to freeze them and I live alone!
    • ancientofdays
    • By ancientofdays 12th Jul 17, 3:20 PM
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    I'm not putting in the things I've tried and didn't like, it would be an essay, not a post. I will try most things and love most vegetables.
    I've not tried tripe, my grandpa used to love it and I can remember being suffocated by the nasty smell of it as a little girl. I used to go and hide in the outhouse!
    I've not tried Chitterlins, those don't sound quite exactly up my street.
    I am not mad about eating meat, I will eat a little bit but if it needs cutting up or removing from a bone that's not my job.

    I thought gin WAS a super food, what a swiz.
    Last edited by ancientofdays; 12-07-2017 at 3:24 PM.
    I was jumping to conclusions and one of them jumped back
    • vodkawitch1
    • By vodkawitch1 12th Jul 17, 3:36 PM
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    Cabbage - reminds me too much of school dinners!
    sushi - no thanks, or mussels, oysters, prawns
    pigs trotters yuck!
    Make 2 a day challenge - doing well so far.
    • purpleybat
    • By purpleybat 12th Jul 17, 3:37 PM
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    there are very few things that I refuse to try, in fact the only thing I can think of is tripe, I think cos it just looks so revolting. if someone cooked it for me (with lots of spices etc... i'm told its very bland) I would probably try a small bit, but the sight of it in its packet at morries makes my tum heave. it just looks white and flabby.
    there are lots of things I don't like... anything in aspic, oysters, parsnips, sweetcorn, aubergine to name a few, so then wouldn't buy or cook them, but I've at least tried them all.
    Last edited by purpleybat; 12-07-2017 at 3:39 PM.
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    • TravellingAbuela
    • By TravellingAbuela 12th Jul 17, 3:45 PM
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    As far as meat and fish go I have never fancied trying tripe, jellied eels, oysters or any sort of offal. Other than that I will eat most things. Although I am not a lover of VERY HOT curries, nor am I a fan of Chinese food, I have at least tried them and KNOW I don't like them!

    As for veg I will eat most things but am not tempted by artichoke. And spinach is another no-no as I just don't see the point of it. I too love butternut squash, be it in soup, spiralised or just roasted in chunks in the oven. (A lot less calorific than roast potatoes too!)

    And how can anyone not like olives! I could go through a jar as quickly as eating a bag of sweets! But they must be black ones!

    We're a funny lot aren't we?!
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
    • MallyGirl
    • By MallyGirl 12th Jul 17, 4:05 PM
    • 2,676 Posts
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    I don't like eggs, cheese or milk so that wipes out quite a lot of dishes. I did manage rice pudding when pregnant as DH was worried I didn't get enough calcium - but haven't had it since.
    Tripe - no, no, no. I deal with the stinky green version for the dogs but why would anyone eat something that needs to be bleached!
    Offal - nope
    celery/celeriac/fennel - not a fan.
    I like mussels but not eels/whelks/cockles/oysters. Probably not that logical.
    I was in my late 40s before I tried haggis and found it was actually quite nice. Even when I lived in Edinburgh I had always had the veggie version.
    I love all things spicy - Indian/Thai/Chinese/Malaysian/Indonesian/Mexican and also sushi.
    Not keen on cottage pie, 'stew', dumplings, traditional English fare.
    • Callie22
    • By Callie22 12th Jul 17, 4:15 PM
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    I've cooked many things as I used to work in kitchens, but on a personal level there are quite a few things I don't cook at home. The main one is offal, I just can't stand it and neither can OH. I know it's ethical to do the whole 'nose-to-tail' meat-eating thing but I just don't like liver, kidneys, tripe, heart, tongue, sweetbreads and so on. I like to sit down to a meal, not an autopsy

    I also don't like sea-food, anything like mussels or oysters. Anything that's a filter-feeder has no place in my kitchen, especially given the state of the sea nowadays.

    And I really, really hate tinned baked beans. They are not allowed through my door. Homemade ones, with bacon and molasses are a different story but the tinned orange nightmares? No thanks ...
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