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    • MSE Rosie
    • By MSE Rosie 18th Apr 17, 12:51 PM
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    MSE Rosie
    MSE Poll: Do you welcome the June general election?
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    • 18th Apr 17, 12:51 PM
    MSE Poll: Do you welcome the June general election? 18th Apr 17 at 12:51 PM
    Poll started 18 April 2017

    Do you welcome the June general election?

    Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a general election to be held in the UK on 8 June (are you registered to vote?). It's only two years after the last one, though since then weíve had the Brexit result and a change of PM.

    So, do you welcome the June general election?

    Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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    • Wizard of Id
    • By Wizard of Id 18th Apr 17, 2:32 PM
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    Wizard of Id
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    • 18th Apr 17, 2:32 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 2:32 PM
    No - I am already going to the polls in May
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    • ace_mcgraw
    • By ace_mcgraw 18th Apr 17, 2:40 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 2:40 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 2:40 PM
    This is self-serving democracy. If May really cared about giving the people the chance to choose, she would've called an election after Cameron stepped down.

    They are only choosing now because Labour are so weak and Brexit hasn't happened so we can't be despondent about the state of the country.

    I think if anything this shows that the Tories are scared of Brexit. If they were confident, they'd have their negotiations, leave the EU and in 2020 they could say "Look how great Brexit is - see we were right all along! Vote for us ". This way, they're admitting they think that Brexit could go very wrong and they'll be blamed for it!
    • S Curry
    • By S Curry 18th Apr 17, 3:42 PM
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    S Curry
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    • 18th Apr 17, 3:42 PM
    Answer not one of the options
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    • 18th Apr 17, 3:42 PM
    My answer would be NO to welcoming the vote, but not for the reasons you give - it's not that I think it should be restricted to once every 5 years, as I agree there are extenuating circumstances that can warrant it, and it's not that I just think it's a "pain in the bum", as that's a silly reason for not wanting to exercise your vote - the point I would make is that any vote should have been called earlier before Article 50 was triggered. Now is a terrible time for it as it detracts focus from what the government should be doing now that Article 50 has been triggered, i.e. working on a plan and negotiating and rebuilding the country after this utter disaster, as opposed to campaigning against one another.
    • cec
    • By cec 18th Apr 17, 5:40 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 5:40 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 5:40 PM
    I find the questions are worded badly. You are asking what I usually vote not what I might possibly vote this time. It just st seems a bit strange to me
    • Mandelbrot
    • By Mandelbrot 18th Apr 17, 5:46 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 5:46 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 5:46 PM
    Is there a point to such a poll?
    • jeanmd
    • By jeanmd 18th Apr 17, 5:48 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 5:48 PM
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    • 18th Apr 17, 5:48 PM
    I find the questions are worded badly. You are asking what I usually vote not what I might possibly vote this time. It just st seems a bit strange to me
    Originally posted by cec
    There's a poll running here.
    Thank you to everyone who contributes to mse.

    "Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most" - Unknown Author
    • 9411john
    • By 9411john 19th Apr 17, 8:49 AM
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    • 19th Apr 17, 8:49 AM
    Sack disruptive MPs
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    • 19th Apr 17, 8:49 AM
    If, as May maintains, this election is being called because of 'disruptive' MP/Lords in Westminster then these MPs should not be allowed to stand again and the best thing to do with the Lords is to get rid of it - it serves little purpose other than to cost the country a fortune by giving. mainly undeserving, elements of society a means of getting 'money for nothing'! . This 'disruptive ' element obviously has no regard for the people of this country who, like it or not, voted to leave the EU. I wonder if all this Brexit debate would have been quite so 'heated' if the vote had not been declared by constituency but had just been a nationwide yes/no declaration.
    • Simonne15
    • By Simonne15 19th Apr 17, 9:29 AM
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    • 19th Apr 17, 9:29 AM
    Totally confusing wording in this poll Martin
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    • 19th Apr 17, 9:29 AM
    Sorry to need to say this Martin but I think the presentation of this poll will give a completely distorted result. Whilst the original question is clear i.e. Do you welcome the June election? the rest of it where we actually vote is potentially misleading .
    I was mistakenly led to tick the box which showed which party I would normally vote for rather than one which would reflect how I feel about the timing as those categories misled me into that.
    May I suggest there should have been separated questions i.e. Do you welcome the June election? and then the categories re Parties.
    Pity. There's more than enough misinterpretation of the views of the populus in the country so I don't want to add to it and I'm sure you don't. Thanks for everything else you do.
    • deptfreemoneytart
    • By deptfreemoneytart 19th Apr 17, 11:35 AM
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    "MAY" we all live and prosper
    I always vote, and I think that it should be made law that everyone has to vote.
    I am a floating voter as I only vote for the party who I think at the time is going to do what!!!8217;s right for the country, not just for me, as if they get it right for the Country then generally it should be right for everyone.
    In the past I have voted for MT(Con.), TB (Lab), unfortunately both made one disastrous decision (Poll Tax and Weapons of Mass distruction), and even voted for UKIP in a local election, which was my disastrous decision, I must have been unwell at the time.

    I think a general election is the right thing to do, at this time, to get the country out of a mess, started by the previous Conservative Government, due to Cameron and Osborne's efforts when they did the unbelievable in mandating to not raise taxes during the last parliament. They should NEVER make promises they might not be able to keep... change that, THE GOVERNMENT should never make promises.
    The new government needs to raise taxes to solve some of the Countries problems; schools, health, pensions, national debt to name just a few. They can only raise income tax if they change their manifesto, which they are stuck with from the previous and present Government's manifesto. The last Government set the system up by taking millions of lower paid people out of paying any tax by raising the tax allowance. This done, the new Government, hopefully Conservative, will be able to raise taxes without affecting the lives of the poorest in society. This will help sort out some of the problems mentioned above, plus, if you have more people in work from whatever Nationality, paying tax in this country, 2p in the pound increase would sort out the problems and allow the Government of the day to move forward, instead of playing catch-up all of the time.
    If any Party tells you that they are going to do this and that, to improve your lot, they will need to raise taxes to pay for it.
    Labours way of doing this will be to hit the top 1% of earners and reduce or keep the status quo for the rest of us; plus, they like any other Government will sneak in extra taxes that will affect us all, this will make the rich leave the country and this would be a disaster as they spend their money and pay their taxes in this country (most of them), which improves the economy and creates thousands of jobs, something Labour have rarely been able to do.

    Without her own mandate Mrs May, PM will not be able to help this country be strong again, and I believe that if everyone thinks, COUNTRY, NOT SELF, and accepts the short-term inconvenience of extra taxes, the Country will be GREAT BRITAIN again (please read this in Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales and Cornwall, we need you as much as you need us).
    The whole 27 countries of the EU, and indeed the world, need to see that we and all of the Conservative Party are behind our leader by a massive majority, anything less will affect any trade negotiations in the future, which will affect the pockets of both the very poor, the poor, the not so well off and the people who manage to spend more than they earn and use the Government as their excuse.

    As far as the Lords go, it!!!8217;s time for reform, cut the total number of Lords by at least half, this can be done by, not allowing any political party (by irreversible law) to nominate someone into the Lords, natural loss and by replacing every TWO Lords that leave for whatever reason, with ONE new Lord.
    LORDS should only be selected by a panel (not politicians) of GREAT Britons with NO agenda, just intelligence.
    Last edited by deptfreemoneytart; 19-04-2017 at 11:51 AM.
    • Danleno
    • By Danleno 19th Apr 17, 1:01 PM
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    Mrs May said she wouldn't call a snap election. However, at the time she most certainly didn't know has many people would be lining up to stab her in the back trying to overturn the democratic decision taken by the British voting public. I have been a life long Labour voter but never again. I support Mrs May 100% and it pains me to say it. Corbyn has decimated the Labour Party and they are to dumb to see it.
    • geoffW
    • By geoffW 19th Apr 17, 8:09 PM
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    I wish we had just come straight out of the EU after the referendum and then done the talking later, it would mostly have been sorted by now by business people.
    • nk123
    • By nk123 19th Apr 17, 11:05 PM
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    As I see it, from the day the vote was done, all the parties have run away from the result. UKIP lost face by back tracking their tall claims, DC resigned (he mentioned he will guide through the exit in case the vote went that way), now TM made tall claims that she will be done with in 2 years... Then realized, OMG, what did I just say - did I really trigger Art 50? Let me get more time (another Conservative 5 year period), so that no one bothers me with after the first 2/3 years. Madness this is. There were valid points raised by some: either the opposition is weak - in which case she does not need to worry about opposition; OR the opposition is formidable - in which case this early election is a blunder! And mind you, we are a democracy, not a dictatorship - a healthy democracy is one where dissent is acceptable form of communication. Will the voters be clearer this time round? Hardly! Gamble on while £ is doing good. If nation was the priority, she could have called for GE2017 before triggering Article 50.
    Last edited by nk123; 20-04-2017 at 1:43 AM. Reason: Added bit more...
    • MakeitgoRIGHT
    • By MakeitgoRIGHT 19th Apr 17, 11:21 PM
    • 54 Posts
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    May is the first PM for quite some time that has tried to do what she has been asked to do by the people. What other PM in the last 20yrs would have got us out of the Eu suppression? Cameron? Brown? B'liar? None of them. They'd twist it all so we ended up stuck in the crazy mess of contracts that skin us alive.

    May is the first PM for a while that I do not feel I have to keep watching the TV to see what she is up to. I know she is doing what she agreed to do when taking over from that untrustworthy untruthful Camoron.

    Calling this snap election makes lots of sense. It strengthens her bargaining Brexit and that disadvantaged Labour Party are a long long way from becoming a credible party, and I still would not trust them with the Tax kitty. They'd be on a jolly as soon as they got through the black door.

    No, there is only one Leader I can trust, and that means I will have to vote for our local Conservative again (even though they waste cash like plonkers). They could'nt even send out correct voting papers and have to trash the whole lot and then resend them out again (just ineffective money wasters). Oh, well, The others are probably worse.

    But as for May. She is a leader I feel I can at least trust to do good for this country, rather than someone who makes all those back door deals of service men's lives for fat cat Peace Envoy job etc etc. God there has not been so many wars since he was the """Peace Envoy """". Still a huge joke. But I digress
    • tommix
    • By tommix 19th Apr 17, 11:36 PM
    • 36,485 Posts
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    I think it's a disgrace..I have far better things to do than ponsing about in Village halls scrawling crosses on bits of paper..

    Wouldn't be so bad if the Labour party had half a shout..but let's have it right, this election is a one horse race ridden by a tired old tory telling everybody how great they are and how they've prevented the country from going down the toilet when in reallity half the population's been flushed down the bog, left to scrabble about knee deep in austerity flavoured sewage..

    People need to wise up to Mr Corbyn. He is a great man of the people..Sadly it don't look like it's gonna happen.

    Sod the Tories, sod the election!
    Last edited by tommix; 19-04-2017 at 11:38 PM.
    • DavidAtWoodhorn
    • By DavidAtWoodhorn 19th Apr 17, 11:44 PM
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    I welcome the June general Election
    I think she wants a clear mandate from the country - to get the job done and not have to continually fight off pointless challenges.
    My opinion is that Theresa May is fed up with the MP's biting at her heels - those who are trying to score points to make them look good to other MP's, who would rather say 'Look at me aren't I clever to have scored one-up-manship points' instead of trying to get the best deal from the EU.
    As for her so-called 'U-turn' - how can anyone believe that if circumstances change, one must still keep to a plan that was based on circumstances/information that are now old, obsolete and irrelevant ?
    One thing that politicians may have ignored is that the politician running the government and as well as their party will be held responsible for the result of any EU deal for decades to come.
    I have been a lifelong union member and Labour supporter but I believe that only Theresa May, out of all the party leaders, is up to this challenge.
    • shzl400
    • By shzl400 22nd Apr 17, 8:43 AM
    • 16 Posts
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    Absolutely I welcome the June election!
    I work as a Poll Clerk, so it means I get to earn extra £££.

    That having been said, it's a very, very long day from 6am (we have to be there early to set up the Polling Station) through to about 10:30. It can get really boring, if there's a low turnout and we're not busy. So, all you folks out there, exercise your democratic rights and get out and VOTE!
    • MothballsWallet
    • By MothballsWallet 22nd Apr 17, 11:22 AM
    • 12,307 Posts
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    I work as a Poll Clerk, so it means I get to earn extra £££.

    That having been said, it's a very, very long day from 6am (we have to be there early to set up the Polling Station) through to about 10:30. It can get really boring, if there's a low turnout and we're not busy. So, all you folks out there, exercise your democratic rights and get out and VOTE!
    Originally posted by shzl400
    Maybe we "folks out there" would if the bloody candidates would get off their arrises and actually and campaign face to face rather than sending out leaflets...
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

    I live in the UK City of Culture 2021

    I had to put mothballs in my wallet - the moths had learned the PINs to my cards...
    • egarobar
    • By egarobar 22nd Apr 17, 4:35 PM
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    No time for Party Politics

    The UK is in a state of crisis. Instead of having politicians competing and blaming each other, it's time for a Government of National Unity, like there was in the wartime, to get the UK out of the mess it's in. We don't need another lot of politicians abusing each other. Party Politics is not constructive - it wastes the people's and the candidates' time in pointless competition. What we all need is for the cleverest, most able people in the country to co-operate and collaborate. Working together, we can get the country's problems sorted. #GNU

    If you support the idea, please sign the petition on entitled "Call for a Government of National Unity - set aside Party Politics".
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