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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    Hi all! We don't have a farmfoods closer than 35 miles away, and i really can't justify going there for milk!!

    Mrs McCawber - what xmas presents are you making? I'm very interested as that sounds dead organised?!

    NSD today - yeah!! - first of my Feb GC so far (started on 23rd).

    Sharronej - I feel for you with the family credit. I'm waiting to hear what's going to happen with mine. What with my "D"H lowering his payments to me, I'm dreading that going down too. Sometimes it feels that I'm on the wrong end of luck!!

    Still, I try to believe that we make our own luck, and GC is certainly helping me in that regard on the money front, as I'm sure i've been averaging over £200 a month for a while. Ridiculous really, as I have a massive pantry FULL of stuff! And, until recently, my 2nd freezer! That's still my March plan, to refill it...

    Good luck those still on Jan - do you have "What can I make with what I've got" syndrome?!?!
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
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  • Penny2myNamePenny2myName Forumite
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    2009-01-01 Milk £1.35
    2009-01-04 Milk £1.35
    2009-01-05 Cheese £1.59
    2009-01-05 Coffee £2.44
    2009-01-05 Milk £0.47
    2009-01-06 Milk £2.26
    2009-01-06 Potatoes £2.20
    2009-01-06 T-bags £1.70
    2009-01-08 Milk £2.26
    2009-01-10 Carrots £0.50
    2009-01-10 Melons £1.00
    2009-01-10 Sugar £0.84
    2009-01-10 Veg Lasagne (3) £1.20
    2009-01-11 Coffee (2) £6.00
    2009-01-11 Cress £0.10
    2009-01-11 Ham £1.38
    2009-01-11 Melon £0.35
    2009-01-11 Potatoes £0.48
    2009-01-11 Salami £0.58
    2009-01-14 Milk £2.26
    2009-01-17 Bread £0.45
    2009-01-17 Choc swiss roll £0.13
    2009-01-17 Eggs £0.80
    2009-01-17 Garlic Baguette 2 £0.85
    2009-01-17 Margerine £0.85
    2009-01-17 Pizza (2) £1.98
    2009-01-17 Sausages £0.48
    2009-01-19 Cheese £1.99
    2009-01-19 Milk £2.26
    2009-01-19 Mozzarella £0.20
    2009-01-19 Potatoes £1.00
    2009-01-22 Cobble Rolls £0.55
    2009-01-23 Eggs £1.00
    2009-01-23 Milk £1.53
    2009-01-26 Chocolate muffins £0.67
    2009-01-26 Croissant £0.33
    2009-01-26 Egg Noodles £0.50
    2009-01-26 Margerine £0.80
    2009-01-26 Milk £2.26
    2009-01-26 Pain Aux Chocolate (2) £0.66
    2009-01-26 Savoury Eggs £0.50
    TOTAL FOR FOOD £50.10 10p over my set budget.

    £16 has been on milk alone. So a third of my spends has been on milk. Hoping not to have to buy anything else this month. Just to see if I can get the kids to ilk this last 6pt of milk out throughout the week.
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  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    STill working on my budget at the moment. Spent another £8.52 on Milk, eggs and ham. But then as I was running late I ended up buying my DS a sandwich in the garage at £3.45!! Will have to be more organised so that doesnt happen again!.
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  • FrugaldomFrugaldom Forumite
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    mumzyof2 wrote: »
    This is why i love living on my own :) with my 2 cildren of course!

    I found today FFoods milk is £1 for 4pints. where as my corner shop is 99p for 2pints!!
    Im thinking of buyin another freezer

    That's only 25p per pint! This is exactly what I'm talking about when we live in the sticks with no shops about - milk here costs £1.07 for 1.75 pints (1 litre), that's 61p per pint to your 25p per pint (or 49.5p from local). :eek:
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  • fedupandskintfedupandskint Forumite
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    Declaring my total for Jan.

    Whoops I've gone way over budget at £160 for Jan. Dates ran from 19/12 - 26/1. In a way I am glad I went over budget and overstocked because.......

    Due to a severe shortage of money for Feb and an over stocked freezer and cupboards I am declaring a budget of £50 for Feb. Dates for this month run from 27/1 to 26/2.

    I have no choice but to eat all the food in the freezer and cupboard and only buy milk and a bit of fruit when I run out.

    (deep breath) Lets see how I go on!
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  • Hi Penny

    My remoska is my fave toy ever :D if I hadn't gone in hospital hubby would never have got the oven on that twice :rotfl: ....I don't think I have done a bad thing in it YET

    I refuse to do things in the pan and then transfer to the remoska,(mum has the recipe book -never used but lots of recipes seem to be done on the hob then transfered:confused: )
    I also do pasta bakes in there -I stick the pasta in a pan-pour boiling water over and put the lid on-by the time the remoska has done the sauce the pasta is cooked enough to drain and stir in-and it finishes in the remoska)- so NO putting the hob on to cook it :j

    for bolognaise I :-
    break the raw mince up and drop it in the remoska then switch it on -it roasts it almost (you will need to keep an eye on it and break it up with a spatula) - I did...
    1. 1lb mince
    2. then added 3 chopped onions -stick the lid on and cook until soft
    3. about 1 cup frozen mushrooms and 1 cup frozen peppers -whack the lid back on and cook until soft
    4. 1tsp mixed herbs, about 3tbs oats, 2 lamb oxo cubes and mix -then put the lid back on for about 10 mins - so the oats absorb the meat juices ;)
    5. throw in a 500g box of passata and put lid back on and bubble until thickened then season
    I can only put it down to the good old remoska -as it was perfect -for us anyway
    1. Chilli is just as above to number 3 ....
    2. then number 4 add 1 more oxo..and swap the herbs for 4 dried chilis crushed and a few more oats
    3. then its 2 boxes of passata and 2 tins of rinsed kidney beans ... If you have the standard like me its right up to the top :p -I should have split it into the other remoska but I got away with it ;)
    That did hubby 7 good portions and its nice n thick so it takes up less room in the freezer and you can let it down if need be when you reheat :D

    I have done soups in the remoska -I roast the veggies off in there so they are nice and caramalised then add the stock, seasoning etc.... then I tip it into the big dish if I want to blitz it

    hope you can make sense of the ramblings :rotfl:

    Hi Pennygrabber
    so far I have
    knitted 2 scarves, 2 bags, crochetted a bag(just need to line it) Im part way through mums x stitch, nieces very pink boa wool poncho, other nieces hooded scarf (I want one too)... I still have loads to do -but Im working on x stitching xmas decorations too
    Folks are getting more than 1 gift -mainly crochet/knitting/x stitch/jewellery making... so I thought I had better get organised -before veggie growing season starts or Im not going to have time to sleep :rotfl:
    Ok Im being naughty ..but I will remove the pic in the morning...
    This is the bag I have to line for my niece..I love it -but the colours are much deeper and richer that the pic
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  • right... i'm doing it.... i've watched you all for a month and now i'm plucking up the courage to do it. and i'm being outrageous and saying for this month, we will only spend £50 on groceries in february.
    we should come really well under that because for one week of it, we're on our honeymoon. not even going to think how we'll afford that. but yeah, that's for me, my partner and two very messy, hungry rabbits.

    we're currently trying to survive on around £500 a month because my partner is out of work. it's so hard. the rent alone is £300 and as you can imagine.. it leaves little to play with after all the other bills.
  • Rachel021967Rachel021967 Forumite
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    Husband has just bought some apples and ham for Waitrose totaling £4.22. Total overspend £139.63. Besides paying the milkman that should be it for January.
  • OK I've been reducing grocery spend over last two months. I know I can still get it down, but am doing it slowly. My february is set at £130... and I try to go shopping only fortnightly!! Date is 25th Jan - 25th February Hope you guys don't mind me joining!! :)
    LBM - 17th November 2008 - better late than never :rolleyes:
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  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    Mrs McC - that looks fab! I knit and sew a bit (if I ever have time!) and like the true OS ways, I have made the curtains in my house!
    You're rather an inspiration, aren't you?!
    I think I'll have to pick up my needles and start an xmas present making spree too! Makes sense to do it throughout the year, although I am putting £20 aside every month for xmas shopping. Home made gifts are so much more personal too. I gave a few people home made jam and scones this xmas just gone, and they went down quite well, so maybe a sewing/knitting thing would be a change from doing that again!
    Well done Mrs McC!!
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
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