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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Got in from work and set about making homemade soup, some for tonight and some to freeze. Didn't expect it to taste so lovely as usually just open a tin or a cuppa soup!! Going to make some dough in the bread machine and when the kids get home from school they can shape their own crusty rolls to go with it.

    Here is the recipe, see what you think:

    Carrot, parsnip & lentil soup
    75g (3 oz) green lentils
    175g (6 oz) chorizo or salami (would be equally tasty without for veggies)
    350g (12 oz) onions chopped
    225g (8 oz) carrots chopped
    225g (8 oz) parsnips chopped
    1 tsp cumin seeds
    3 pints veg stock

    Soak and cook lentils in the usual way. Fry off onion and chorizo/salami (put chorizo/salami aside afterwards) then pop onions in the stock with all the other ingredients and simmer for 30 mins til all tender. Blitz in food processor. Sprinkle chorizo pieces on top. Great with warm crusty bread!!
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  • Thanks for that recipe goldfinch and well done you, so far you are doing great compared to what you have allowed yourself!! i am into soup at the moment and will give your one a go when I have the stuff in...

    We are stretching the roast we had yesterday at my inlaws (they always give us the leftovers to bring home) the kids are having sausages with the veg though as only enough meat for me and dh (and they are not overkeen on roast pork anyway)

    ds is outside building a snowman at the moment bless im, how excited to kids get with a bit of snow!!

    Still have half my budget left, but still 2 weeks left more or less although we are at a family wedding on sat 30th till 31st so that weekend is pretty much taken care of, so only 1 more weekend (usually my downfall!!)
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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Afternoon all.
    Just been to Lidl for a few bits, see their bread flour is 75p now!
    Did not buy much from GC budget, approx £13 but this included 2 x 4 pinters (2.27 litres) of full cream milk. Our Jan runs until Wed 28th so still a week and a bit to go, but not planning to buy much. Am quite happy as set myself less than 1/12th of yearly budget for January (well I allocated a potentially avaialble 1/12th but withdrew 1/12th MINUS approx £25 iyswim). Not much left of the cash I withdrew but more than plenty to buy milk (which won't be needed until 27th as have 12 pints, or just over 6L in), and any little thing thats needed. I will declare for final figures on 28th. Well done everyone, and even if you are over, don't pull out, keep counting as it will give you a better idea of where to start next month!
    Cannot remember who asked but I would serve savoury mince with pasta or wedges (although the latter is a no go if no potatoes in!).
    HM quiche and hassleback tatties for tea tonight a la meal plan- here is this weeks meal planning thread for anyone who wants a look
    Cheerio for now.

    Im going to do it with chips i think or rice :)
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  • Just updating my signature. So far I'm not doing too badly but the rest of my money is going to have to last me until the 31st this time. I get paid on the 23rd but am putting down a deposit for the summer hols :j at the end of this week. I should be ok. Most of this week's food is in the house already and the fresh stuff I need to get shouldn't cost more than about £15. That would leave about £80 for next week. No problem for food and groceries but I'll need to resist the temptation to buy foody magazines and chocolate and for me that is easier said than done:o . Avoiding the shops is probably my best bet and I'm off to a good start with a NSD today.
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    Today I went to Tesco Express to get a dozen eggs - £3.16, Apples - £1.38, 2 mullerlight yoghurts 54p and a lemon for 32p. Total £5.40. This leaves £10.62.
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    Another NSD for me to-day, will need milk and bread to-morrow but that should be it for the rest of the week...must update my sig as I get confused if I don't.

    Good luck all

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    I'm not doing bad. But I'm going to have to do a shop before month end, and I think it will take me over. But I'm pretty pleased with my budgeting and money saving. Before I'd be spending about £600 a month, and if I can do it for just over £300 thats a miricle - especially as husband last night said that he hadn't noticed any difference in the food I'm serving up.

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    orchid-96 wrote: »
    ...made some twinks hobnobs yesterday and have a question if anyone can help, I was thinking of adding, raisins or choc chips or maybe some coconut to them, would I just throw this in with the dry ingredients?

    I throw in anything, broken chocolate is a favourite here, but I also add raisins, sultanas or mixed fruit and sometimes cinnamon, mixed spice or ginger, depending on what I have plenty of in the cupboard. I use ordinary cheapes I can find chocolate or Mr T saver brand cooking chocolate. The reduced dark choc Galaxy bars I got from App F00ds work well. :D I make extra and keep plain cookie dough in the fridge so I can pop biscuits in anytime the oven is on.
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    My sig is up to date, though will be getting a few bits tomorrow. Tonight having steak and ale casserole (found some steak at the bottom of the freezer-no idea how long it had been in there). I've just found out my pay date is being changed to the last day of the month, so my month will now run to the 31st January, instead of the 4th February.
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    Just a quick update.

    Now definitely sure we're NOT going to make it under our target £100 budget this month. Spent £3.67 (potatoes £1.27, bran flakes 71p, brocolli 80p, brussell sprouts 89p), in Mr T's yesterday so only £4.28 left.

    That has to cover toilet rolls, milk, veg for next week and cat food. The cat food alone is about £4.70.

    Probably looking at going about £5.00 over.

    Which I guess isn't too bad as this is the first time I've done the challenge, but there's definitely some changes I would make to the way I've done things.
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