Ground Source Heat Pumps - anyone got one?

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We're building a house next year and are probably going to go for a ground source heat pump - the price of oil has convinced us if we were ever in doubt! But I just wondered does anybody over here have any experience of having one/ getting it installed/ prices/ companies etc etc. Also interested in solar panels, went to Ideal home exhibition and got some info - but its always good to have personal recommendations. Thanks.

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    nadnad..... haven't done it personally, but an uncle of mine has just recently built a house, and has installed just this system. I have pm'd you for some details, and will get you in contact with him.
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    I was Castle Espie @ the green living fair. Went to the talk on heat pumps. I don't think it is practical for the house I live in. But if I was building a new house I would certainly consider them. They're good for under-floor heating I think. I just don't think, for us currently, that we would get enough heat from them to make it worth all the disruption and cost, even with grants. They don't heat the house to 30C! You need to make sure you're house is well (properly) insulated.

    Anyway, the website I've given seemingly has info on the different renewal energy sources and grants etc. I don't knoe if there are actually companies listed on it, but if they are they are recommended - meaning they should tell you straight up what the situation is (not cowboys!) Thats what they said at the talks.

    Let us know how you get on though. I'd be interested in solar and wind but trying to convince my mother she should only wash the clothes on the days we're 'generating' energy instead of whenever just wouldn't work!
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    yeah I know about the ground source pumps only being useful for underfloor heating - because of the large area underfloor is spread over the temperatures needed are much lower than radiators which have to heat up very hot to get the rooms comfortably warm. The optimum room temperature is about 22 degrees I think and the heat pump I've been looking at heats up to a maximum of 29 degrees. Anyway thanks for your reply - I was going to go to Castle Espie but couldn't fit it in!

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