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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Child Support
My ex girlfriend is on benifits and she has our 2 year old daughter.
My ex girlfriend and I had an agreement what what ever our daughter wanted I would go out and get it for her, little money ever changed hands.

However now the CSA are asking me to pay 15% of my nett income due to her being on benefits.
After doing some maths I feel this is a bit harsh and will not leave me with not much cash at the end of the month 80.00GBP (main part is my fuel bill as I work 40 miles away).

Also my ex is starting full time eduation soon and I am wondering where I stand now with regrards to the CSA? My ex would be happy to have our previuos arrangment if at all possible.

Its not that I dont want to pay for my daughter far from it. But I know the 15% of my wages wont all go on my daughter.

Would the CSA be able to take all my monthy outgoings into consideration?
I live alone with a morgage and all the bills that go with a house and I feel the 15% will cripple me.



  • Sounds like you're on the new system which is supposed to be easier for everyone to deal with. Yes, 15% of your income is the standard rate and your gf would have had no choice about involving the csa. On the plus side, once she comes off Income Support she will then become a private client and will be able to tell the csa to drop her case and you will then be able to return to an arrangement that suits you both. HTH
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  • Can she claim income support whilst in full time eduacation?

    Its so complex!

  • Depends on the level of the course. If she's going to college its likely she will still be able to/have to claim IS - a lot of courses at college will be specifically geared to getting single parents trained and back into work. If University then she would be able to claim IS in the summer holidays as her funding won't cover that period. You're right, it is complex though! The only other point is if she works 16 hours pw she can then claim tax credits and be a private client for the csa. Mind you, your daughter's still very young so maybe your ex wants to take things slowly. Best to talk the finances over with her.
    ~A mind is a terrible thing to waste on housework~
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