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Anyone heard of this lot recently? Citisolutions or Primerica? Word of them has got to me via two different friends, both guys are of a more "entrepreneurial" bent than me but i am sceptical as hell as to what these people are saying can be earned.

It looks to me like plain old fashioned Pyramid Selling or multi level marketing as i think they term it. I think they are selling life insurance to low income groups via weakly trained sales people.

Anyone have any comment or experience with them?.




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    Hi Caveman, welcome to the Northern Ireland Board.

    I'm going to copy your post to the referrers board to see if you get any answers there.

    Hope this helps!

  • Primerica or Pramerica?

    I know Pramerica are a company based in Letterkenny and employ almost 500 people in IT solutions - it's a subsidiary of Pramerica Financial (a US company)
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    Both CitiSolutions and Primerica appear to be part of CitiGroup listed on this page. I know that Citibank is in the proces of setting up an IT centre in Belfast and I think Primerica has an IT centre in Donegal.

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  • arkonite_babe. Thanks, There is some good responses there about the Citisolutions side of Primerica.

    Ivan, Declan. Thanks for the info. Have a look at the referrers board as advised by arkonite_babe. Some intersting commenst there on Citisolutions recruiting, sales techniques and products.

    I was just intersted as i have now heard independantly from a couple of friends who claim to be out there making money with this company, i think its a lot of bullpoo but sometimes these things can't be said amongst friends
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