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Fareham/Stubbington/Warsash and areas

in England
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Anyone have any opinions/advice/interesting info re. the above and surrounding areas? We are considering a move South and would appreciate any snippets of info re the areas, particularly the schools, dog walking areas, best areas to live, shopping, communities etc etc etc

Thank you!


(Sorry Board Guide. I posted this under the title "|Warsash", before but couldn't figure out how to change the title, please feel free to delete the other one if I can't!)


  • mbamickmbamick Forumite
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    You didn't mention whether, or where, you'd be commuting to work. I moved to Eastleigh [slightly further North, between Southampton & Winchester] in 2004. It is situated at the junction of the M3 and M27, so offers excellent motor routes in all directions. I can be in the New Forest in 15 minutes, shopping in Southampton in the same time, or walking along Bournemouth beach in 35 minutes.

    I also have a main-line railway station, and busy bus station less than a mile away from me. I don't use either a great deal, but they are a godsend when you want a night on the town somewhere.

    I'm always put off from moving further down the M27, by the number of traffic reports suggesting problems on the Northbound sections of the M27 & M3. All of which invariably occur south of Eastleigh. Mind you, that wouldn't be a problem unless you intended to commute in a northerly direction.

    A final point. We rented a house for 6-months, when we first moved down, mainly to enable us to check out different areas. We spent our spare time looking at house details, visiting locations and researching the area - knowing that we had 6 months to make up our minds. Some may argue that the 6 months rent could have gone towards mortgage repayments; but I tto the view that it was better to delay mortgage repayment by 6 months than to spend another £10k moving from somewhere that we weren't happy with.
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    Thanks Mick
    OH will be working in Swanwick ans works shifts so rush hour not a problem. We would like to be within 15-20 mins of there, FIL lives in Fareham, we have 3 kids so would like a nice town/village with a nice centre/shopping area/park
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