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Hi ya everyone
well after a rubbish start to the new year I thought lets keep occupied and try to sort things out

my in comings a month round it off to £800 +£11.20 off milk & veg
BF is £900-£1,000 p/m

here goes -
1. studio catalogue =£82.89 left (£45 will pay off this month)
2. EDF gas £50 p/m
3.EDF elec £50 p/m - in about £300 debt (long story)
5. water rates £25 p/m
6. talk talk package £25 p/m (includes phone,calls & net)
7. Sky £37 p/m
8. months shop £170 p/m ( for 2 adults and a baby)
9. BF CC £208.25
10. BF loan £240 p/m
11. BF travel £50 p/m
12. BF life insurance £6 p/m
13. BF Mob top up payg £20 p/m ( needs to sort 10 02 friends)
14. My mob (have 10 02 friends for £5 p/m) top up £10 lasts 2 months
15. treats 2xs £40 p/m
16. catalogue ( t.v & fridge=£450) £30 p/m :eek:
17. BF mag sub £29 p/m
18. baby's school (2 hours 2xper week @£2) = £8 p/m but I found out there Is a 2 year olds pilot thing so hope to reclaim back :D
19. T.V License-were paid in advance for yr !!

ok well what does that calculate ?
TOTAL-£760 p/m should leave us with £940 p/m
but in reality doesn't happen !

would love to save more have been making rota for food menu and daily chores, i suffer depression so most days i do nothing :o

I have found an online site to cater Ecards :cool: FREE
and claire's assessories do £3 goodie bags I have an idea for that
putting £10 each away p/m for Christmas
and allocating £5- £10 for kids and mates bdays and £25 for mums n dads
so yes I have been a busy bee :rotfl:

:eek: [STRIKE]£11,362.86[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]9,973.11[/STRIKE] Loan ;) DFX 2013 #050: £ / £10,149.04 :eek:
C.C £507.55/£550.40 :T
DFD Oct 2015
:D Downshift Challenge 2013 :D


  • BambywambyBambywamby Forumite
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    You don't mention mortgage or rent...or council these need including?

    Well done for thinking about Xmas so are indeed a busy bee. x
    *Frugal Living 2015* *Not Buying It 2015*
    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~ MARK TWAIN

  • clarissa_Dclarissa_D Forumite
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    Hi ya hun
    ok in reply to that me and BF don't live together I am on IS and that
    but today I went out and brought some accessories for 4 people birthdays already and they are not for a while,
    I would love to get everyone sorted as i want to pay for a few things I joined up to a survey sight and the work in points and to get a £5 voucher i need 3000 pts will take me ages but I get 500 per person I get to join up.
    I do not spend nectar or boots pts either
    so I decided to Allocate between £5-£10 per person excluding my sister mum n dad and made him budget for his nieces and nephews so I went and got the stuff today ok including the fancy boxes and the stuffing inside to give it more decorative to open . total- £18.01 for 4 people saving me at £10 per person £21.99 :D
    now thats money saving, I am going to buy a frame with 4 slots for mum and thats £6.99 and print off piccis myself leaves me with £18.01 to play with
    hmm ok Beth is 9 and a girly girl so think like i brought her £8 jewellery make your own , might get her a frame to paint possibly ,
    I sound like a nut I even brought a bread tin as BF a baker think we get some bread making and might make some other bits to sell off.
    well were getting there, think I'll nick BF Loan details and add secret ££ into it now and then say I save £1k and then put it in it :rolleyes:
    one wishes, need to pay off luxuries first and pass my course in web design.
    would eventually like to start learning to drive but hey this is only day to and I am keeping spirits up my 14 y/o sister we found out has a brain tumor and on last radiotherapy treatment tomorrow we have to then wait 6 weeks and she has MRI to see whats going on with the tumor .
    so I have reasons for wanting to get financially sorted, I would love to get married I fear after 9 years we wont :o and I want my sister to be there b4 she passes.
    anyway I am doing well today feeling a lot better I even opted for cheaper Mcds meal offer for 2 cheese burgers n 2 small fries for £2.40 i normally spent £6 ! woop woop this money saving bug is catching haha
    Also read in another thread about Child care Vouchers this could also help me out BF would also save ££ and I would if I ever hear from the lady thats meant to be helping me GRRR !!
    :eek: [STRIKE]£11,362.86[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]9,973.11[/STRIKE] Loan ;) DFX 2013 #050: £ / £10,149.04 :eek:
    C.C £507.55/£550.40 :T
    DFD Oct 2015
    :D Downshift Challenge 2013 :D
  • Hi ya
    thought I should post, haven't been out today but just paid £45 off Studio Catalogue leaving next month then I am free !! 1 down hehe .
    oh and was woken at 6AM with my new luscious fridge which we really did need as the other was brought as a 2nd hand one for the same price :o
    I am going to concentrate and a couple of things at a time
    1. Studio paid off may even do it on Tuesday (hmmm tempting)
    2. Additions £594.42 thats with TV and Fridge so not to bad but I have £100 coming I will pay that to it ASAP and If I have left over Tuesday I shall pay more.
    ( problem to new fridge is looks bare) will try to go lidals/ nettos for cheap veggies health kick now as I want to bulk make things.
    3. help pay off BF credit card as he brought Lee Evans tickets as a birthday treat for my sister.
    If I can learn to do tikka or korma from scratch we shall save the £40 allocated for take outs, getting bored with the food we have now want to spice it up as lil madam getting lay with chewing her meats !!
    figured to get "proper" nutrients into hers and our system is to make some healthy smoothies.
    now will be looking for interesting recipes on the threads would love to make treats as well.
    must do housework tomorrow, should of done it today but felt a bit low for some reason,
    STILL need to get BF on 02 10 friends list !! will save him £10-£15 a month !
    also found out I have £33.28 in Boots Points !!
    would love to earn vouchers for birthdays and Christmas any tips ??
    Also I signed up to Quidico and brought through Additions for my new Item and noticed I do not have the 20% cash back or any note of buying it :(
    oh well that is me for today, I find if I type my feelings I can go to bed with a clearer head normally I can't sleep for worrying :(
    ok guys and gals night night x
    :eek: [STRIKE]£11,362.86[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]9,973.11[/STRIKE] Loan ;) DFX 2013 #050: £ / £10,149.04 :eek:
    C.C £507.55/£550.40 :T
    DFD Oct 2015
    :D Downshift Challenge 2013 :D
  • clarissa_Dclarissa_D Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Hi ya all
    ok well today was monthly shop and we managed to get it down to £120 from £150-£170 p/m will probably buy odd bits and bobs, as I'd love to try my hand at home made chicken recipes curry's like Korma and Tikka Massala !!
    ok well I haven't been to well for yesterday or today so i have bearly had time to try and pay some things off, or look up recipes for the month but tomorrow I will be baby free so I shall try to get back on top of it all.
    will also pay off Studio on Tuesday which will be one thing less to worry about,
    next thing to tackle will be my BF credit card for my tickets & additions,
    think I will getting Keira's Christmas bits nearer August time. need to list everyones birthdays for Ecards that saves a fortune ! I had been going card factory and nabbing there cards for 29p
    still have them hehe I grabbed before Christmas.
    ok well think thats It still nothing about BF doing his 02 numbers or about Keira's 2 Pilot thing beginning to annoy me now :mad:
    anyway they say patients and all that so hopefully I will have some better news I shall look online and see as well If I can do it online or not if I can yay if not then boo lol
    okies byeeee
    :eek: [STRIKE]£11,362.86[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]9,973.11[/STRIKE] Loan ;) DFX 2013 #050: £ / £10,149.04 :eek:
    C.C £507.55/£550.40 :T
    DFD Oct 2015
    :D Downshift Challenge 2013 :D
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