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E: 05/08 www/text Prizes from Argos catalogue

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  • MoominMoomin Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Today's codes are:

    Star Prize - Tower Playhouse: 705/2910
    Aurora Bedstead and Miracoil Latex Mattress: 664/3052
    Richmond Bedstead and Miracoil Supreme Mattress: 664/3014
    Drift Bedstead and Miracoil Mattress: 664/2974
    Provence Bedstead and Miracoil Mattress: 664/2943
    Hampton Supreme Kingsize 4 Drawer divan : 663/2221
    Warwick Kingsize 4 Drawer Divan: 661/0700
    Leapfrog fridge phonics: 348/1729
    Leap pad plus writing: 348/1255
    Leapfrog leapster: 347/9281
    Decormate multi tool: 711/0728
  • toozie_2toozie_2 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Can you only enter once on line then, but as many times as you want by text?

    I want the king size bed please!
  • anayanay Forumite
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    How much does it cost to text them? Can you send as many texts as you like?
  • Todays Codes:

    15 x Royale Leather Sofa (chocolate,large) 635/5319 (star prize)
    300 X Russell Hobbs Quartz Kettle 422/2949
    300 x Russell Hobbs Toasters 422/6426
    300 x Russell Hobbs Coffee Makers 422/3948
    15 x Royale Leather Sofa (chocolate,regular) 635/5357
    10 x V Tech V.Smile consoles 347/9896
    10 x V Tech V.Smile pocket 347/9559
    20 x New World 50cm stainless steel gas ovens 490/6478
  • anayanay Forumite
    50 Posts
    Are you meant to get a confirmation message back when you text them?
  • maka_2maka_2 Forumite
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    Reebok Multi Gym Unknown Cant See It On The Interner Either update MULTI GYM IS 335/3888

    York Xc530 Cycle & Cross Trainer 335/3998

    York T700 Treadmill 335/4344

    Texas Hold 'em Poker 270/1280

    Big George Forman Grill 4213408

    If Anyone Could Have A Look Through There Cat For The Reebok Multi Gym And Post The Number I Would Be Very Grateful
  • Star Prize is 6 x Reebok Multi Gym 3353888
  • Todays codes are...

    20 x Dyson DC15 The Ball Vac 4053297 (Star Prize)
    10 x Wooden Playhouse 3681543
    30 x Bush Master Cyclonic Cleaner 4060132
    300 x Philips ShoBox 256MB MP3 with Speakers 0841018

  • Does anyone ever win any of these, or is it just a smart way for Argos/Sun to build up a huge list of email addresses and mobile phone numbers, in no time at all?
  • rchddap1rchddap1 Forumite
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    Who knows. I have entered for a few, but haven't heard anything back.
    Baby Year 1: Oh dear...on the move

    Lily contracted Strep B Meningitis Dec 2006 :eek: Now seemingly a normal little monster. :beer:
    Love to my two angels that I will never forget.
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