would a bank lend someone 12k who has bad credit rating?

Hi all,

Bit worried about my credit rating as I have to pass a pre employment credit check for an IT job in the City. Story is I struggled a bit at uni with cash and did a bit of an ostritch and consequently my credit history is rather poor imho.

Fast forward a few years and I have now got a decent job paying semi decent wages and I have settled all the defaults. Well I thought I had except I checked my file and one of the kind lenders doesn't appeared to have told Experian and it has a load of U's with crosses through them against it ;-/ (i have put a notice of correction against this)

I'm slightly worried because after making such a debt mess I vowed never to borrow on CC's or store cards again, so I never cared about my credit rating (until now!). I figure if the CEO of Barclays doesn't use CC's then thats good enough for me!

So I paid for the credit report and I'm not really keen on paying more for them to score me so I was wondering if you peeps could help me? I take home approx 2k - 2.3k a month and I have a 12k car loan with Nat West which is on a very reasonable 7 ish %. I have a barclaycard with a very low limit (350) just to pay for stuff that I cant do via switch and I occasionally miss payments on that (because its not setup via DD and if I'm on hols or away on business sometimes i forget). I get some junkmail now and then from MBNA etc trying to sell me CC's.

Do you think my credit score will still be bad? Would Nat West lend me so much unsecured if it was? I run my account very well and I notice on my experian report they ran a credit check for the loan, although I guess they probably take the account history status as more of an indicator...

Finally ( :rolleyes: !) do you have any ideas what employers are looking for when they credit check you? Is it just CCJ's / fraud and huge debts or will they really care about a few late payments and the thing with the u's against it?!?! The job I will hopefully be doing wont have access to any sensitive data.

Thanks for your time.


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    Your situation sounds very familiar - because it happened to me and very many of mates and people that I know who spent 3 years spending money at uni. Quite right too.

    For what it's worth - and there are probably a lot of people here with more expertise than me - this is what I think:

    1) As for the lender who wasn't clear with the credit agency - it is THEIR responsibility to tell the agency and it is YOUR responsibility (to yourself) to check they have. Write to the lender, tell them the details and ensure they fix it. Exactly the same thing happened to me and I go a grovelling letter from Barclays telling me they'd put it right.

    2) Anyone with your wage level and attitude to credit won't have a problem getting a bank loan (they'd probably have given you a lot more).

    3) I find that junkmail of the sort you're talking about works very well in the bottom of a guinea pig hutch.

    4) I think you're probably worrying over nothing re. your company's credit check - they're pretty routine things really. But you should treat it as a wake up call to take care of your credit reports. For £2 a go it's worth the hassle every so often.

    5) Without DDs I would have been rejected from the UK by now for being a financial reject - subscribe at most opportunities - especially for CCs.

    Finally, if someone contradicts my advice, listen to them not me. I have experience, not expertise.

    Cheers, James
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