scots - are we really meanies?

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i like the idea of a scottish board, for local bargains, but i'm disappointed that there's not much activity on it. come on, scots men and wifies! are we so canny that we don't want to let anyone else in on the good deals?

where are all the great scottish bargains, deals and MS opportunities!!


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    Yeah i check this board out quite a bit...but its fairly quiet :(
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    emr, welcome to the Scotland Board icon7.gif

    I don't think its so much that the users don't want to share a bargain but if they find one go for the glory of posting on the Grabbit Board ;)

    One user who works for Homebase in Edinburgh did offer up 20% discount to MSE users on a Family and Friends day and I was pleased to be able to take him up on his offer.
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    thanks Edinburghlass for the kind welcome!
    sad to think that MSers are just as prone to the lure of fame as ordinary mortals!

    I guess all the silver surfers are too busy getting and using the MS tips!!
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    I think its because Scotland has a smaller population in relation to

    England,maybe there isnt a lot of MSE`rs in here.
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    Is a money saving message board the best place to enquire???????? :D
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    I would happily post in Scotland but im too busy counting my pennies!
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    Peter-Pan wrote:
    I think its because Scotland has a smaller population in relation to

    England,maybe there isnt a lot of MSE`rs in here.

    That's exactly why I love Scotland! Vast open spaces, beautiful scenery, sheep, deer, fabulous mountains, gorgeous Lochs, what more could a girl want? (a sexy Scot in a Kilt with hairy chest? ;) but that's in my dreams lol)

    Oh I do love Scotland and all the Scottish people I have met. They welcomed an English Girl with opens arms, shared their culture, taught me the language and have continued to show me why Scotland is the most beautiful place in the world :D

    ps...and I am very fond of haggis, tatties and neeps :T
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    margaret wrote:
    Ember is our latest honorary Scot! :j

    I used to live in *ngland and people just weren't the same. Even our sense of humour is different. Having said that, I have lots of *nglish friends but I wouldn't go back down south.

    You are right Margaret, people just aren't the same south of the border...The big difference I notice between Scotland and England is the sheer scale of friendliness, or in the case of England...lack of it! Sounds odd coming from an English Lass I know, but boy! is there a difference.

    Example: went to view my new cottage in Scotland. The next door neighbours came out to say hello, within 5 minutes of chatting the guy was showing me his vegetable patch (no corny jokes please!) and when I was excitedly impressed with it (I can be a little noisy in my enthusiasm lol) he very kindly presented me with the most gorgeous 'huge' home grown cabbage to take home to cook for dinner! Wow, that was some cabbage! It was the sweetest cabbage I have ever tasted :j

    I have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland and have always been made to feel welcome wherever I have gone, from the fastest city to the peace of the Orkney's.

    Scottish people aren't meanies, they are generous with spirit, kindness and always helpful. I am proud to be living in Scotland and able to share this wonder. I will never move back to England, absolutely NEVER :T
    ~What you send out comes back to thee thricefold!~
  • crikey you must of lived in the south of England cause there is nowhere up north that isn't friendly Ember999:rolleyes:
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    Have to agree with you there trafalgar, anytime we've gone on holiday and met people from the north of England they have been really friendly.

    No matter where I've gone abroad everyone seems to love the Scots.

    I don't post a lot on the board in general, not just in here, as you can see from my post count but I come in for a wee nosey now and again lol.
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