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Solving companies' problems for pay... official discussion

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Solving companies' problems for pay... official discussion

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Solving companies' problems for pay

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  • never even heard about it till now but just looked at earn wonga link and lots more usefull info again thanks x
    We Make A Living By What We Get. We Make A LIFE By What We GIVE:money:

    show me a man with both feet on the ground and i'll show you a man who cant get his pants off.
  • Hmm. Had a good nose at the science and tech stuff. Some of these seem impossible unless you've got a full chemistry lab in your garage. Only one seems remotely possible for me, the statistical clustering of medical trial patients, and as that ends in a month I don't think I'll have the time to do the research needed, especially as there's no guarantee of return (unlike matched betting).

    I wonder who tends to do these. If you were a grad student and you saw a project similar to your PhD, you'd have a chance. Or do small physics labs from Nebraska State try them in a bid to get some funding (any funding)? Or are there birlliant minds out there cometing for the recognition? The pay seems good until you think that it might take 6 months or so to do a solution, possibly competing with someone who is much better than you. My DH, who is much better at dreaming than completing, could waste a lot of time on these so I am not going to tell him about these sites at all.

    On the other hand, this seems like a very good way for SET mums who have given up their research careers to stay at home and need a way to get back in the game. I'll definitely keep an eye out for things closer to my research area...since I'm not employed by anyone who owns my IP at the moment.:p

    On a side note, are there any other SET mums out there trying to return to work?

    Does anyone else have an opinion on these?
  • I read on this site about idea connection (about 18 months ago). It sounded interesting and so I registered as a facilitator as it suits my skills.

    Recently I have been contacted by their CEO asking me if I want to become a full-time facilitator with them. He suggests that on target problem solving will generate me an income of $10000 US Dollars.

    Because the link was suggested by money saving expert I am interested to know where MSE found out about it? Are there some people I could talk to who are doing this already to get a bit of a reality check on the figures?
  • I suggested a site to Travelodge but didn't hear anything back :( It says on their website you should be contacted by one of the development team within 5 days! I even sent another message asking if they had recieved my first, but alas still no reply - oh well, was worth a go!!
  • I tried to contact travelodge so many times, however I was ignored, much like you were :(
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