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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's 'The first It Pays To Watch – OK I’m quick' blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.
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  • bigturnip
    bigturnip Forumite Posts: 420
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    Did anyone else notice the mistake in the comper story? 250 comps a week is not 1500 in 6 months, more like 6500. I thought we were meant to trust Martin with figures. :rotfl:
    I've given up trying to get my signature to work with the new rules, if nobody knows what the rules are what hope do we have?
  • Bogof_Babe
    Bogof_Babe Forumite Posts: 10,803 Forumite
    Well granny has a point you know ;) . At least you had a safety harness.

    I knew it wasn't live, as you were showing as online about 30 seconds after it finished! :D

    Re. the comps - must have been a speako (typo that was spoken not typed), and they meant six months not weeks. Was the comper a member of this site?
    :D I haven't bogged off yet, and I ain't no babe :D

  • bigturnip
    bigturnip Forumite Posts: 420
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    It was a typo and speako, it came up in big red numbers on the screen.
    I've given up trying to get my signature to work with the new rules, if nobody knows what the rules are what hope do we have?
  • dudleyboy
    dudleyboy Forumite Posts: 765 Forumite
    Hey Martin,

    First off, congratulations to you and Lara on your recent engagement! I subscribe to your blog's RSS feed so know you both enjoy a game of Scrabble (yer losers! - haha, I kid - I play it with my girlf too... ;) ) and thought it was a very novel and romantic idea. I'm surprised you didn't try to go for a triple word score but seeing as you cheated anyway I guess that's by the by... :rolleyes: :D ... seriously though, congratulations to the both of you from the both of us! :)

    So I tuned in to watch "It Pays To Watch" on Wednesday and thought it was a great first show. Here's some random thoughts (on the assumption you're eliciting feedback)...

    The Good
    • Great format, a nice magazine show that was a bit Top Gear-ish (as you said you wanted it to be) that moved along just quickly enough. Everyone seems to enjoy talking about spending money, no one seems to enjoy talking about saving it. As always, you made the subject matter entertaining and understandable for all and there was a lot of energy on screen. The title sequence was also fun and impressive.
    • The segments (like the comper bit) were great too. Definitely keep those! It's a shame that guy would prefer spending his spare time entering a shed load of competitions rather than spending quality time with his children but, hey ho, everyone needs a hobby so as long as he only does it when they're at school I see no problem. Besides, I'm sure he's won an Xbox at some point that's keeping them happy... and it has actually inspired me to enter some too... only I'm not retired so I better be careful to practise what i preach...;)
    • Your chemistry with Ruth (like we're on first name terms! :p) was great. A good balance having you both, she's a great reporter and translates "the science bit" well for the wider population. It's also very refreshing to have someone on TV who doesn't have a squeaky, insincerely impressed, Home Counties accent ("OMG, that's amazing!") - you know the type - or who speaks like what Kate Nash talks. She could do with standing up a little straighter though ;) (geez, I sound like my mum) - but, hey, couldn't we all...
    • On the whole, it was interesting, entertaining, informative and enjoyable TV. I'll definitely be watching it again and encouraging others to watch it too! :money:
    The Bad
    • Nothing really. I didn't think the drain pipe worked so well... it looked a bit stiff and creaked a little... you strike me more as a man who'd slap a big funky arrow on the wall next to the drain pipe, only to rip it off and slap it on again just to show them how much money they're wasting! Better still, have a wad of monopoly money and chuck it at them! Or a cheque for that amount... then offer it to them Chris Tarrant stylee... only to rip it up in their faces and laugh. :D
    • I'm not sure how the celebrity bit will work, TBH. It's good to have them to attract viewers, but I just don't think Paul Daniels (or the lovely Debbie McGee) really cares if they're wasting £200 or so a year on something he doesn't need / could get cheaper. He probably earned more than that just sitting in that chair for the segment and knew that everyone knew it. With so many "celebrities" appearing on game shows nowadays, rather than people who could actually do with winning the money and prizes, it would be great to have actually taken that money out of Paul's wallet (or his fee) and given it to a random studio audience member. I bet he wouldn't think that was magic. ;) (I also bet he never tires of hearing that...). AND what about when his incredibly high energy bill was pompously justified (albeit tongue in cheek) with a "well I do have a rather large house". Yeah, but Paul, how many rooms can you sit in at once? What about the environment and your carbon emissions? It sounds like they'll have to build a nuclear power station just for him... GGGRRRRRRR.....
    The Ugly
    • The 'Bottom Gear' crowd in the back! Good grief!! Someone tell them to smile! You're on TV! Enjoy yourself! ;):D
    Hehe... ok... I've just read over all that and it sounds a little critical. It's not, honest, that's just my sense of humour... :D. I understand there's certain boxes that need to be ticked and creative control is shared but thought I'd mention these things anyway. Hope you don't mind. :)

    As it is, I thought the show was brilliant, as is the fact that the nation finally gets to watch you on TV on your own show at a regular time each week! I think it's got the potential to reach a lot of people who might not stumble across this site otherwise and will hopefully save a lot of people a lot of money in the process. It's definitely a huge achievement for everyone involved!

    I've been receiving your weekly email for several years now, visit the site every day, and have a few of your books... so I'm definitely a fully fledged MSE-er... but I figured I'd tune in anyway because even though I'm more or less on the ball, as everyone here probably is after some time, I thought that lending our support was the least we could do considering how much you have saved us over the years, which, for me, is literally hundreds if not thousands! I've no idea how ratings are recorded nowadays but the thought was there at least... (I've also sent several hits to the website)!:)

    Besides, you're an entertaining guy and it's fantastic and inspiring to see someone on TV talking so passionately about something they believe in so whole-heartedly - not to mention it being something that will actually benefit other people (and it really is anyone and everyone!) rather than just, ultimately, themselves... which, sadly, seems to be often the case on TV nowadays.

    I can only imagine how many lives have been improved by this great website and the information contained within your articles... because while money doesn't necessarily make you happy (ha - like I'd know! ;)), not having money really can make one's life an absolute misery and without doubt can have an adverse effect on health, happiness, relationships, attitude, behaviour and general well being. I honestly believe the work that you do is making greater waves beyond just saving people a couple of quid and I think that you, everyone at the towers, everyone who volunteers to moderate the boards, and everyone who visits the forums to provide their experience and (often expert) advice, on absolutely everything, each and every day, and completely for free(!) should feel very proud of the work that they do, their contribution, and the fantastic community they've helped build here. I really do think that lives and attitudes are being changed and its all because of this site. I also look forward to reading your name in the honours list one year because (unlike many high-profile individuals who receive them) you will have genuinely earned it and for all the right reasons.

    Congratulations, once again, on your engagement and all the best with your new ventures! We'll be supporting you.


    DB :)
  • dudleyboy
    dudleyboy Forumite Posts: 765 Forumite
    I've just watched http://www.itpaystowatch.co.uk/shows/show-1

    what a shame the show's not an hour long!!! Paul and Debbie came across far better in that and that speech about politicians... brilliant... I would definitely include more of that kind of stuff in the show. Nice and edgy! :D

    Hehe... and you definitely need Ruth to keep you in check... ;)
  • kezbabybabe
    kezbabybabe Forumite Posts: 732
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    Excellent 1st show Martin! :T

    I don't get time to watch your TV appearences very often, so it was a great opportunity to see you in action for a full show.

    I agree with the comments made by dudleyboy, especially the part with the celebs. I think it would be better to have more of Joe Public on to demonstrate how much "real life" money is going down the drain.

    I had no problems with your speed, but I think we are all used to your bouncy enthusiastic attitude!

    It would be interesting to know the viewing figures, I'm sure your MSE'ers helps to increase the numbers.

    Looking forward to next weeks show!

  • kezbabybabe
    kezbabybabe Forumite Posts: 732
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Photogenic
    Hello again Martin,

    I've just watched your "More" programme and this was thoroughly enjoyable, much more relaxed.

    It's great to see the questions being asked and your enthusiam for answering them.

    May it all continue. :)
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