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£2 cap vs academic year 24-25 pass

My son (11) needs to travel by public bus to school.  The academic year pass is about £750.  There is a £2 fare cap until Dec 24, which I’m told includes return tickets.  If this is extended again to the full year, it’s a definite saving to stick with buying return tickets.  If it increases to £2.50 (it was going to increase to this in September until the £2 cap was extended) it is still cheaper to continue with return tickets.  However, I concerned it may end up more expensive not to have bought the academic year pass if the fare returns to the original cost or increases.  Can anyone make an educated guess about what is likely to happen with the fare cap for next year?  Does anyone know if the bus companies are likely to offer a part-year pass if the cap is scrapped?  An added complication is £750 will be hard for us to find at the moment - although not impossible, it will hurt.  There are no options to reduce this cost (I have already explored that).  


  • sammyjammy
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    Its not a return its a £2 single fare cap.
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  • Emmia
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    Also, the £2 cap is a Conservative policy, which may or may not continue under a different government.
  • JGB1955
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    The £750 is marginally cheaper than 190 days @ £4 per day (£760). ,Can you buy the academic pass later in the year....January or after Easter,?
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  • martindow
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    JGB1955 said:
    The £750 is marginally cheaper than 190 days @ £4 per day (£760). ,Can you buy the academic pass later in the year....January or after Easter,?
    It would make sense to stick with £2 fares I would think.  If you're son is off sick, there are snow days or strikes or the school has to close for whatever reason you will pay more with year pass as well as having to fork out a lump sum.  Unless the pass includes travel at weekends or evenings which he might use which might make it worthwhile.

  • Seesea
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    Thank you all!  Sorry I’m not sure how to reply individually on here.  Yes I have it wrong, it’s a single fare cap, so £4 per day as you guys have pointed out.  I’ve realised 1 day per week he won’t be able to catch the bus due to an after school club (the end of school bus is the last bus), so just that makes enough difference to make paying per day better.  Except the academic year pass is an anywhere/anytime pass - which I didn’t realise before.  So if he gets all grown up and wants to go travelling into town on the bus or visiting friends in other villages that might be a saving.  I think I’ll see how it goes paying as we go and review it next year.  Unfortunately the academic year pass is September to September only - although I did wonder if they’d be kind and let me pay part a fair proportion part way through the year if the price cap changes.  Thanks again for your help!  
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