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living with no hot water...

Anybody else do this?
I feel like abit of a weirdo because when my gas boiler broke I just got used to having no running hot water!
Its been over 4 yrs now and honestly it doesnt seem a problem.....

weird, right!? LOL :D


  • Bridlington1
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    edited 21 April at 6:52PM
    elsien said:
    I’d find it a problem. Washing up fine, you can do that by boiling a kettle. Yes, you can have a quick wash at the sink if you boil a kettle, but I’m not showering, bathing, or washing my hair in cold water and having to boil numerous kettles to do that it would be too much of a pain. 
    I've been showering in cold water for most of the last decade out of choice, the only exception was for a brief period when I had flu late last September/early October (I didn't run the water hot though, just luke warm), but that felt strange to me and I soon went back to cold showers once I'd recovered. I find it quite refreshing to be honest (yes I'm probably quite mad).

    I must admit though I do like the convenience of having hot water on tap for washing pots etc but I could probably live quite happily without it.
  • theoretica
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    When my boiler broke a neighbour said he lived without a boiler or hot tap. I learnt to wash in with a small basin of warm water when camping - or a larger basin if my hair needs doing.  But hot baths are a much appreciated luxury.
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  • alicef
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    Ugh.. I can cope with the council swimming pool turning down heating, as after a few lengths one doesn't register the water temperature.  The OH, (aka M Mosley Just One Thing), does the cold shower blast, (briefly), in the morning.  For me, given that we have solar heating for the water I'm sticking to a reasonably warm abultion.
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  • YoungBlueEyes
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    My boiler broke down once, I went to my neighbour's for a shower. I can wash up with a kettle but I'd not choose to live without hot water.

    catz4m8z said:
    elsien said:
     I’m not showering, bathing, or washing my hair in cold water and having to boil numerous kettles to do that it would be too much of a pain. 
    TBH bathing it the only thing thats abit of a pain! A bucket and a jug works perfectly for washing your hair and if you stand in the bath you can have a shower with them too.
    Although it does take me about an hour to fill my bath with kettles and saucepans so baths are a treat!LOL

    (added bonus, my water bill got so much lower because I am much more careful with my water use now! :))

    My bolding. 
    You've a lower water bill, but what does your gas/electric bill look like now?!
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  • Siebrie
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    I had a friend who turned of his boiler and did everything with cold water or the electric kettle. Once a week he would turn on his boiler to have a shower, and then switch it off again. He was very cost and waste conscious in all facets of his life.
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  • catz4m8z
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    My bolding. 
    You've a lower water bill, but what does your gas/electric bill look like now?!
    TBH in the summer its very reasonable, heating the water up doesnt make a big difference.
    (its the heating that sends it through the roof!).
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