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I've come into some inheritance and plan to use it to reduce our mortgage, however I'm trying to work out the best time to do this and if I should put it into a savings account first.

We're on a tracker mortgage (thanks to the mortgage adviser claiming they couldn't see interest rates continuing to rise in April) and the current rate is 5.51% on a £184,000 balance with 19 years remaining.

The inheritance is coming in part payments, but overall I'm hoping to be able to overpay £90,000 once the property is sold, so could take another 6 - 9 months before that comes in.

Metro Bank are offering 5.8% for a fixed one year savings account, so should I put around £30,000 into a savings account that I have now and then pay a large overpayment when I have all of the inheritance or overpay £30K now and then again when the property is sold and I get the rest of the money?


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    Frankly I'd be tempted to just slap the £30k on to the mortgage.  Assuming that the mortgage rate does NOT change the extra you would get if you put it in the savings account would be about £87 in a year.  Of course if the mortgage rate does drop then the savings account is more of a winner.

    Question is though, can you put £30k on the mortgage?  Many mortgages have a 10% overpayment maximum per year so that would be about £18k instead.  So maybe go half and half?  
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