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Hi I just had a meeting with project solar uk, I was quoted 12k for 10 panels top end apparently, 99 years of cover for them, 25 years cover for the battery, told that I could pay with finance or upfront fully. We told the salesman we would decide by next week Mon or Tues, he said can I ask whats holding us back from a decision now? He then kept saying look at the reviews on trust pilot. He said  he will offer the battery free so then quoted 11k
Within an hour he said he can offer me 1 free panel if not knock off new price is 10k plus free battery, as he observed I had scaffolding already for a different reason, he said I have to proceed by this Friday to maximise the scaffolding and so he will reduce to 10k. We had a meeting on Monday it is now Tues 28.11.23, does this seem legit? Anyone know a good quality company for Birmingham uk? Really hoping I can get replies by this Friday.  Thanks in advance


  • 99 years of cover.....what exactly does this cover?

    I personally wouldn't go with anyone who demands a decision in short period of time, not interested in high pressure sales. I like to do my research and get multiple quotes before making a decision.
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    Sounds a lot like pressure-selling from what you have written.
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    99 years here, 25 years there.. he'll shut down the company in 2-3 years and non of that would be valid anymore. Like with all these life time warranties, they insist it's your life's length but it actually is theirs short existence :disappointed:

    Anyway, as soon as I get rushed to make a decision by sales people - it's a straight no from me (unless had a few quotes already and this one is the cheapest then I may give them a go.. ).

    £12k, ok free battery, let's make it £11k  :open_mouth: what battery is that?
  • So the battery where excess energy will be saved and then sold back to the grid. The export I think. 99 years cover of any subsequent roof damage caused by them and I'm sure he said cover to the actual panels. Their website does show the credentials and licence but I'm completely new to this, I think I may have seen them listed on the mcs? Msc? Project solar uk is the company
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    Sure, but the battery costs  at least £4k so when they said they'll give it for free and take £1k down it doesn't add up. Unless he lied, you misheard or the battery is tiny 😅 

    If you put the exact items that were quoted, types, sizes - then you'll find out if it's a good quote or not.
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