Problem with Instagram commenting on

Has anybody else had problem with posting on Instagram? I tried posting a # quote as requested and got told I am posting spam. I cannot find out the reason as their directions do not lead to thr appropriate section.


  • hertzyabazas
    hertzyabazas Posts: 33,366
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    Happened to me on the Shein competition
    I just re-entered without the #
  • myrrh
    myrrh Posts: 2,397
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    Happened to me on the Shein competition
    I just re-entered without the #

    It will not let me comment on any account. Tried to comment on a photo my son posted and was told I was not allowed. I will wait and see if I can comment tomorrow.
  • ally86
    ally86 Posts: 1,542
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    Last year I was banned multiple times during advent for ‘spam’ - basically commenting too often and too many times. Bans can last 24 hours to multiple days
  • Ms_Dee
    Ms_Dee Posts: 7,837
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    Instagram are extra hot at the moment on banning people for spam.
    If you add a different emoji every time you comment, it usually slows down the chance of being banned. 
    Sometimes its an hour ban, day ban, week ban, sometimes it doesn't seem to have any reasoning or rules.
    As with a lot of social media sites though, there could have been issues there end. I usually try again later.
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
  • redfox5
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    I always try and rotate the users I'm tagging. I haven't been banned this year but was banned serval times last December. It's annoying as they don't tell you how long the bans last. 
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  • I was banned from following last year through my pc but could follow using my phone. So far I haven't yet had a ban this year and hoping it stays that way but doubt it once the advents start.
  • Quod
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    I’ve just run into a problem on Instagram I can’t tag anyone. I was liking the advent comps as I was banned on Facebook last year now it seemed Instagram has banned me! Any ideas? Thx
  • couple of days ago  i had been following a couple of comp pages  and it said i was doing something too much...   it didnt say whatt...but i i couldnt follow anything for a day
  • Joolski said:
    Instagrams bots are cr*p.   They will ban ordinary people for "violating" their rules - like daring to follow or unfollow people, tagging people, or making completely harmless comments  (sorry, but isn't that what we are SUPPOSED to do on Instagram???). 

    Yet they happily let scammers, NFT hasslers, and p**n-based posts through without any trouble.  🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Well said, 100% agree.
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