Mortgage offer during exchange - what’s the odds it’ll be pulled?

So I applied for a mortgage in April, all approved. The buyer had a whole load of legal issues that are now fixed so we assumed this would fall apart at one point (roughly May) and I increased my credit limit on one card (not a new credit card - no hard checks) to improve credit score after messing around with a credit score stimulator (didn’t think into it too much at the time and in hindsight this was very daft - I completely forgot until now). 

That’s an increase from £10,000 to £15,000 (small amount of total and income much higher - £160-£180k combine on the application at the time) - utilisation remains constant and all will be paid off on balances before completion. LTV of purchase is 90% - 10% deposit.

We’ve exchanged a week ago and will complete end of the week now. I believe funds have already been requested - it’s a mainstream high street vendor.

Affordability is otherwise the same - no increased spending. Utilisation remains low at 1-4%. 

Credit rating is the same as during the mortgage application and is ‘excellent’ on all CRAs.

Not using a broker. I have yet to find any post where an increase in credit limit of an existing card post mortgage offer has resulted in offer withdrawn. All I’ve seen is car finance causing withdrawal. I’ve had no hard search here, nor a new credit card opened.

The raised credit limit in May shouldn’t be a problem, should it? Could it be a problem? 

Am I just overthinking things?


  • amnblog
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    You are overthinking things. 
    I am a Mortgage Broker

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    But just remember that score is a made up number. 
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    joehsaver said:

    Am I just overthinking things?

    Yes. And even if you weren't, what are you going to do about it?
  • user1977 said:
    joehsaver said:

    Am I just overthinking things?

    Yes. And even if you weren't, what are you going to do about it?
    I’ve a good working relationship with the seller now - I’d discuss with him if worst came to worst. There’s no upper or lower chain, but I suspect he’d want his fees covered and he used a solicitor so it’s relatively high.
  • amnblog said:
    You are overthinking things. 
    Thanks, it’s just my mind getting worried due to having just exchanged with a load of ‘what if…’ scenarios. On my last house I avoided changing anything credit wise etc and here I didn’t even think about it. I’m not using more credit at all, I think it’s just more a matter of I’ve no idea how the lender would react to it on a credit check - even though it means nothing affordability wise as I’m well within limits.
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