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I’ve been with  step change a few months and have about 4,700 pounds in different credit card debts and catalogues. I hadn’t included my overdraft into this plan and now I am worried after this time if they will let me add this into the plan. I’m worried about contacting them incase they stop the plan etc 
I am just concerned I’ll never get out of this situation and just need help to get everything in order,
a few of my debts have also been passed to moorcroft debt recovery through the DMP and I’m concerned eventually they will take further action if I am making the payments though a DMP.
im just concerned things won’t get better at this point,
any comments or advice would be grateful 


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    Take those concerns, and throw them away, debts under 5k are nothing to lose sleep over, stepchange will be fine, and the debt collectors will be fine too.

    Tell stepchange you have another debt to add to your plan, but remember, as its an overdraft, you will need to arrange new banking facilities, I suggest you do this first, you need a new basic bank account, with a bank with whom you have no current debts, and manually transfer any payments over to it.

    As long as debt collectors are being paid something, there will be no further action, what benefit would it be to them to take you to court ??

    Answer, none whatsoever, you are already paying as much as your budget allows you to, so don`t overthink things.

    Less than 12% of defaulted debts ever go to court, and 99.9% of those are for accounts that have been ignored for 3 years or more.

    So all is ticking along nicely for you, and that will continue till your debts are re-paid.
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    Thanks for your comment. I have now spoke to step change and added the overdraft into my DMP.

    I find myself overthinking this and if the bank will accept this further down the line and find myself in constant worry about this, as I just want to get all the debts paid off. 

    It has increased my debts to 7,000 but I will pay this off over 5 years at the current time. 

    I think I am worried I will get further letters and things will not get better but I have now added the overdraft into this and have a basic bank account so am hoping this will improve,

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    Just a gentle hint - adding the overdraft in to the DMPO hasn't made any difference at all to the amount of your debt - you always owed the £7k.

    I take it that the current budget you have in place for the DMP is working well for you?
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    Yes that’s right I’ve recently increased what I am paying also so can pay more to each of the debts 
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