db pension firm unhealthy

hi all, my ex employer future is not looking good (delarue) where do i stand if they go bust i`m under 55, and have a small dc with them under 30k, also can i take 25% of that at 55 without advice
yes my db pension will go in protection but i was wanting to start to draw at 57/58 ish


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    Your DC pension will be run by a pension managememt company or pension provider and would therefore have nothing therefore to do with the ex-employer.  It will carry on regardless of what happens to the ex-employer.   Even if it was somehow run directly by your ex-employer it would not be affected as the money would be held separately from the company's money and would not be available to pay the company's debts. 

    If its a normal DC pension separate from the DB pension you will be able to take 25% tax' free at 55 or possibly 57 - the age goes up to 57 in 2028.
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