When I got my 18 digital number I was told to allow 6 weeks before it would appear on my online forecast. I am assuming that given the vast number of submissions in recent weeks that 6 weeks is wishful thinking? When I paid via my Bank to HMRC i didn’t get any acknowledgement but wasn’t really expecting anything. As I am not due my State Pension till early next year can I forget about it till nearer the time. Or is it safer to be sure that the payment will be applied correctly sooner?


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    Last time I did this it took a lot longer than 6 weeks. There was no acknowledgment at all. After 3 months I phoned up to check the status. The agent immediately told me the payment had been received months before, but that it was waiting to be processed. She then proceeded to process it then and there and my account updated overnight.

    it just takes forever these days. 
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    I have made two separate purchases / payments and on both occasions was advised to recontact after six weeks to ensure it was updated. When I did follow it up the call handler could see the payment and updated my record. Took about 72 hours to show online.
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    Must have heard me as now added correctly today! 😊
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