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 unfortunately I have bad experience with my recently joined Umbrella company, so I am looking to change the Umbrella company, but not sure how easy or difficult it would be for me in the changing process.
I do have new potential Umbrella company in my mind that I will go with  but as contract already started and im in mid contract if it is okay to change it without any hassle? also what would be the right thing to do, first contact the recruitment agency( ask to chancel the contract with the current umbrella and send the contract to new umbrella) and then inform my current  umbrella that I am leaving .... any advise appreciated?


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    First thing to check is whether your contract with your existing Umbrella company allows you to cancel at this point. Then check with the recruitment agency whether it will cause them problems. They should help you change if you explain the reason why you want to change, but I suspect that they might baulk at this if it means that any impact on the client. 

    Are you sure that you need to change? Things tend to go wrong at the start, and then get ironed out and the service is then reliable until the contract ends.  
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    Good point I will check with the agency first, but I think it might not affect as the one I am looking to go with is also in there approved list.
    I would have avoided this hassle but I feel like I will get more issues with them if I keep continue and the latest, just in first month they just informed me that they will increase the margin in just few weeks time....
    Below is the termination clause in the contract, it looks to me that I can't terminate the employment on my own and it also says that I can terminated immediate in the first month of employment, a bit confused here! any thoughts please?

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    How long is your current contract / assignment?

    It is not unusual, even when a role is anticipated to be in place for a longer period of time, that the purchase orders are raised for a defined period (say, 6 months), which cascades down to your assignment duration (to match the purchase order).  Then there are assignment extensions that follow on.  If you started a new contract, say 1st March, you might typically have the assignment until 30th September (which will then allow future 6 month assignment extensions to tie in with the financial year).

    If your situation is like that, then would a "middle ground" be to stay with the current UC and, if you still so desire, put the switch to an alternative UC in place from whenever the assignment extension would be?
    That would take away all the issues around change of contract, ending anything early etc.

    As for the change to the margin from a few weeks' time, I assume that means from 1st or 6th April?  How big is the change?  Would it be reflective of an inflationary uplift?  UCs are businesses and the margin fee is, essentially, their price.
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