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Paying into a new NHS pension scheme aged 57



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    cam269 said:
    Thank you. 
    My manager is the practice manager of the GP surgery where I work and she also does my payroll so she’s in charge of the whole thing! But I think I will approach her as she has held her hands up & admitted it was her error. If she agrees to pay, can I just add it to my 2015 scheme when it gets up & running? I’d rather have everything in one place.

    Whatever happens you can't have that money paid into the 2015 scheme as it is not allowed because you've taken scheme benefits from your 95 pension. That rule changes in April this year.
    As such previous years contributions would have to be paid into NEST along with your own contributions due over the last two an a half years.
    Frankly it's a bit of a mess and won't be a simple fix.
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