could somone help me answer this please

I am a cash buyer of the property i wish to buy, the home im currently renting. I am using the same solicitors that dealt with the sale of my late mothers property, so they know where the money came from for the purchase of my rented home. I have given them proof that i have the funds to purchase it, but they still want proof that the money went into the executers account (i was the executer) and i have given them this, as i have shown them the funds in the executers account. The solicitor told me when completion was, yet she wants to see all the other funds, and what happened to them, i dont think this is anything to do with the purchase of my rented house !! She is holding the sale up from going through and in the mean time im having to spend the money i would  be buying the property with on rent! if she stalls any longer i  wont be able to afford to buy  this property and im worried !
Please can someone tell me what paperwork she actually needs, as the company already knows I got the money from the sale of my late Mothers house, yet  she wants to see the will! !!  why ? it has nothing to do with the purchase of my now rented home, and my late mother passed in 2017, and it took a year to be able to get probate and about 2 years to get everything finished. Ive now paid everyone in the will and sold the house , why would the solicitor need to see the will when i think i sent all that paperwork when i soild the house, they should still have it  i=she told me the completion date was 2021, as i cant really recall it , i was too exhausted by the probate, it was very hard and very long !
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