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We've just fixed our mortgage for the next two years and the eye-watering monthly payment increases means we're going to have to stop being so complacent about the 15 years remaining. I'm planning on overpaying as much as I can each month and this diary is for me to keep track of my progress. Here we are in February and I've just made my first overpayment of £50. Sometimes the overpayment might be a small round up from my bank account but every little helps! I'll update my signature when I can.


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    We got a few hundred pounds back from the energy company as quite a surplus had built up over the last few months so I’ve diverted some that to overpaying the mortgage, plus I’ve been chipping away most days from rounding down my own account. So far this month I’ve overpaid by £217.57. The aim is to overpay by £500 a month on average. I love the mortgage overpayment calculator in this site. I get great satisfaction from seeing how much we can save in interest if we persist in overpaying. OH thinks I’m obsessive and I think he’s probably right!
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    Hi @Bluebird_

    I feel that way as well, seems I'm really motivated by graphs :) i finally managed with a budget app when i found one that would make me a graph of monthly spending categories or a pie chart.

    Good going every little bit helps.
    February make £5 a day £436.33/£140,Make £2023 in 2023 £577.12/£2023"Remember not to do too many things at once" said me to herself.Mortgage Free Wannabe #43 2023 OP £1000/£6000
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    Obsession is an excellent character trait when it comes to OP'ing a mortgage - never did me any harm 😀!
    Mortgage start: £65,495 (March 2016)
    Cleared 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️!!! In 5 years, 1 month and 29 days
    Total amount repaid: £72,307.03. £1.10 repaid for every £1.00 borrowed

    Finally earning interest instead of paying it!!!
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