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first child payment completely wrong

hi everyone new to this site, i am writing this post to hopefully gain some advice as feel i am getting no where with HMRC

I had my first child in october 2022 and applied for my child benefit claim not long after, i understood i would need to wait 12 weeks or more for my backdated payment and monthly payment to start, the first error on HRMC was i received a letter in the post with my childs name and amount they would recieve each week  and a completely different child aswell, i only have one child not two! also my childs name was given the second rate of pay not the first and only payment. it is now february and i have had to phone now many times to explain over the phone i only have one child, i had one payment of £145 in november which is technically not my money as this is a payment for 2 children. i have yet to recieve a letter to confirm i only have one child to claim for and how much i will be backdated. i seem to keep getting passed onto different people on the phone, i also believe the other childs name on my form is against GDPR


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