Do I pay off my mortgage?

Hi all - my fixed rate of 1.99% ends the end of March.  I’ll have about just under £15k left on the mortgage.  I have just over that in savings.  Is it wise to pay off the mortgage?  Or any suggestions what kind of mortgage to consider?  Thanks all in advance 


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    What rates are your current provider offering when your fixed rate finishes? Most lenders won't offer you a new mortgage for this little.

    What's the interest rate on your savings? if this is higher than new mortgage rate consider leaving in savings, as this is a better return than the interest you'll pay.

     Do you have an emergency fund of 3-6 months? If not definitely consider leaving in savings to cover any unexpected expenses.
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    It depends if you need the money for anything else really.  You may struggle to get another deal unless you plan to pay it back very slowly - we found they were not interested in anything less than 2 years and that the fees to switch would have been greater than the savings over just paying the SVR.
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