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I'm querying on behalf of my partner (we live separately) and a CCJ he's just gotten. Just to give a bit of context:

He was out of work for a few months, during which time he didn't pay any bills as a result (I believe he prioritised his rent and food).

Anyway he got a fantastic job offer, very well paid, with a big company and started end of October. Due to new payroll system loads of new employees didn't get paid end of Nov, so he didn't have any wage for an even longer period and they really took their time sorting it. He finally got paid - with backpay - on 20th Dec. Meanwhile he'd had a letter from council tax stating he'd have to attend court on 21st Dec.

He rang council tax on 20th and paid a big chunk of what he owed. He clarified with the lady he spoke to whether he would still have to attend court and she said no, and queried whether he should be paying the full amount to avoid court. She very clearly stated he would not, and even said "it's up to you how much you want to pay off". He ideally didn't want to pay full amount, as even though he'd gotten a very nice wage indeed, he had other bills to attend to and also get through the coming month. 

He received a letter today to inform he now has a CCJ for not clearing the debt and attending court. 

I'm thinking perhaps this is a mistake/delay in communication within the dept, given its been the Xmas period, and that maybe this could be sorted out?I'm looking to reassure him as he's in bits - things were starting to look up after a very rough few months. And he can't discuss this with anyone til Monday.

I can 100% verify what the council tax lady said as they were on speakerphone. She was lovely with him, and reassuring.

I suppose I'm just wondering, any of you in the know, if this indeed can be sorted out? He's adamant once you've a CCJ it can't be undone. Was the woman he spoke to incorrect? Should he have paid it in full? Has he any leg to stand on?

Thank you


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    Have you actually seen the letter?
    As far as I know you don’t get a CCJ for a council tax related debt. It is instead a liability order which is a very different thing.

    Read this and double check what the letter actually says.
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    Hi, thanks for responding and no I haven't seen the letter. It would appear that my partner likes to be dramatic? As I've just asked him to clarify and yes, it's a liability order.

    I'm still a little miffed on his behalf. She really could have informed him that not paying in full would result in liability order, or offered a repayment plan where he pays a large chunk initially and that way they've reassurance the rest will be paid. 

    Am I right in understanding this won't affect his credit ("I wanted to buy a house and now I'm stuck with a CCJ for  6 years!" Hmmm...) and he'll just have to pay of the remainder to get rid?

    Many thanks
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    You do not get a CCJ for unpaid council tax, as stated above, the council recover the money via a liability order.

    A liability order does not show on your credit report, like a CCJ would, so will have no further effect on his credit file.

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