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Advice to those adding to this thread: Keep on topic (as per site rules) and stick to FACTS because if anyone is aware of a class action suit aganist 'Gg', I'll happily sign-up to it.  Many have lost sums of money far great than my pittance but TIME we lose forever, is beyond monetary value and of course, life's made of the stuff!

Now, to business...

Why am I so angry? I ordered two mini cameras each accompanied by a '32Gb micro SD card'. Although delivery was surprisingly quick in spite of Christmas hols and postal strikes, pleasure was soon replaced by disappointment when finding that one of the cameras didn't work, the other was certainly NOT what YouTubers have referred to as 'HD' in their reviews of similar tech and BOTH of the so-called 32Gb cards were in fact forgeries of 16Gb or less and of who-knows-what actual quality.  As many YouTubers demonstrated, I was able to test the cards simply by zipping a few files together until I had a test file of larger size than the suspected 'actual' card capacity - this circumvents the forgery's mini-programme attempting to delete subsequent files until the fake stated capacity limit has been reached.  ANYONE WITH A TF/SD CARD (or SSD) which is suspected of being a fake, try an actual capacity test - and then try to access those files.

My repeated requests for a refund were met with insincere platitudes and even then only kept replying with 'refund or replacement' via ping-pong messages  Gg's ineffective 'resolution' process merely forwarded more of the same ping-pongs from Gg's supplier/trading partner/merchant after my requests had already stated the answer.  The holiday grace period which I had granted and advised them of had now expired and after reading dozens of similar experiences of their dealings with Gogroopie, I turned to my bank.

SOLUTION? Took the day off work and paid a visit to my bank. The bank staff advised me that: '...receiving counterfeits or anything else that is not as described means that you had money taken as the result of deception and can therefore, challenge the transaction as fraudulent activity' and so I did just that - via my phone app although readers with PC banking can do it that way too, I suppose.

RESULT!  I have to await a new card (cancellation of existing card is automatic - prevents a perpetrator from reattempting debits) but, my money was successfully recovered.

MY ADVICE: Check your SD/TF cards, SSDs etc as I did (see above method or watch YT demos); check stitching/labels etc.  If you are convinced (legal phrase here) 'BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT' and ideally, still retain evidence of such, then you are most likely to recover your money.

FACTS out of the way, now for my personal opinion (not necessarily shared by this consumer website) -
I wish that before I stupidly ordered from Gogroopie, I had read some of the victim oops, I mean 'customer' experiences on:
UK.Trustpilot.com / Sitejabber.com / Britainreviews.co.uk / gogroopie.pissedconsumer.com / Moneysavingexpert.com / Reviews.co.uk and a few others with many of these complaints gathering since soon after the company's registration over a decade ago. Company # 07363687.

As for 'review42', I'd take their opinion with more than a pinch of salt - perhaps a TON of salt: Pay particular attention to their opinion of Gogroopie customer satisfaction and claims resolution which seem not to paint the picture seen on all other sites where we can read actual victim experiences in their hundreds (if not thousands).  Although R42 quote from Douglas Adams, perhaps we the duped ought to pinch a proverb from the sands of time: 'Revenge is a dish best served cold' and if anyone starts up a class action suit against Gogroopie, I want to sign-up to it because I prefer another phrase: ".... Do not pass GO! Do not collect £200..." No prizes for guessing the three omitted preceding words. 

Good luck to anyone similarly conned whether by Gogroopie or others and if any readers wish to add their own tales of woe, be my guest in warning others.  Even though we may recover our money, companies such as the above have still wasted our time and life's made of the stuff.

Happy spending out there!


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    >> but, my money was successfully recovered.<<

    Subject to retailer not contesting the chargeback within 45 days. Even if they do not, you have to be aware that if you have not returned the goods, that they could sue for the value of the goods. 

    Edit to add, that Visa require proof from Brand holder that the items are Counterfeit.
    For  not as described. Requires proof of what was ordered to what has been received. So in this case a report from a 3rd party stating they are not of the size stated. (own report not enough)

    This shows that counter staff are not following procedure, understanding the banks process. As these are not fraudulent transactions. As that is when a unknown 3rd party uses your card. NOT when you make a purchase yourself.

    TBH. If they have processed as fraud, expect it to come back with your details & a re debit being applied.
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