Handing over lump sum

Hi all 

We are in a lucky position that we have a mortgage of 400 a month and we are on a 20 year term but fixed for another 2 years from April which would be 3 years into the 5 year fixed deal..

Now we can save up 1000 a month but we are going to be trying for baby so if baby does come along we will be using that money saved for any costs for rasing child if we need to use it and also childcare for when I would return to work. 

Now we current have 67000 left on mortgage ATM and I've worked out roughly have about 60,000 left on mortgage when it comes to renewing the deal. Our overpayment limit is 7350 a year. But if we were to save up money and when it comes to looking at new deal are we able to hand over more than the yearly overpayment limit if it is a lump sum? 

It would mean it could potentially bring down the mortgage to around 36k. Then we get a new deal hopefully the rates are better than they are now and we can save the money wehave been and then save the difference in the monthly mortgage now and then if the then figure is lower. Then it means we can hand over even more money to fully pay off the mortgage a heck of alot sooner than we planned to. This would mean we could put 400 quid a month plus any savings towards family and home. 

Of course we never know what is going to happen in the future but just wanted to know what people thought. The reason I'm doing it from April and the month our term ends is because we have a small amount to pay on credit card which will be paid off my April this year.

Thank you 
Mortgage free wannabe 

Actual mortgage stating amount £75,150

Overpayment start date 1/3/23.

Starting balance £66,565.45

Current balance £63,787.16

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