Seeking current account with The One Account 'spreadsheet' feature

Like many before me I am facing closure of my The One Account account. As users will know, it has fairly advanced (well, it certainly was 20 years ago!) features allowing user categorisation of individual transaction records, sorting, searching and print out options. By comparison, other accounts I've looked at and had user-experience of such as Lloyds and Barclays are (or were...) pretty Mickey mouse efforts, obviously designed for novice users content with "Groceries" and Holidays". I have maybe 30 or more categories in my accounts.

The One Account also had a superb "ad-hoc payments" feature which presented all irregular payment mandates in one easiy scanned list. Again, my accounts are complex in this respect with around 30 or so mandates. Also, of course, The One Account paid interest on whole credit balance, not just some token pennies on the first £(tiny amount).

I see Lloyds is now offering Money Manager, but this still assigns default categories to transactions, though apparently you can change these. I haven't used it so can't be sure how it works.

Can anyone recommend any online current account that is as comprehensive as The One Account? Interest paid would be a bonus, but it's the serious spreadsheet-like feature that I really want. Many thanks for your thoughts.


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    Could be that Monzo Plus has some of the features you're after. You can create your own categories, posit transactions across them, export to a spreadsheet and it also has trends, spending graphs and all that kind of stuff.

    It does cost £5 per month though
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    I would avoid using a current account as a budgeting tool, as you can lose the functionality and your entire history if, for whatever reason, you lose the current account. As you are experiencing with the One Account right now.

    You are likely to be better off with a personal Finance Manager such as Emma, YNAB, MoneyDashboard or MS Money.
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    Thanks for your comments so far. However, a phone-only bank such as Monzo isn't acceptable to me, as it depends on having a phone. I am not prepared to have such a dependency. The other suggestion, Emma et al, involves a third party which again isn't acceptable to me. What I want is a mainstream bank account that offers on-line access via any computer (or phone, of course, but I won't use that route) *and* the in-built facilities that The One Account had. I am not looking for budgeting or forecasting, or auto-reminders of payments due or any future oriented planning feature. I just want the historical transactions captured in a form that I can tailor to my own requirements, either whilst I am logged in to the account or that I can download to my own off-line spreadsheet. Does any bank offer this, apart from Lloyds Money Manager?
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