YBS fixed rate ending.

My fixed rate is coming to an end Feb 2023. I could have sworn when I logged in last month it said December 2023 which would have been a three year fixed rate when I last fixed it December 1st 2020. Unfortunately I can't locate my paper copy just yet. They are currently only offering me two deals, both 5 years fixed at 5.56% which would mean being locked in at an extra £240 a mont. Should I wait and maybe go on the SVR for a while and take my chances these rates won't go up but down? I just feel like if they were expecting the rates to fly higher they would only want to lock us in for two years so they could reap more money out of us sooner.


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    It’s very much personal choice but if it were me I wouldn’t fix at anything above 5% especially for 5 years 
    Its a gamble 
    But you are still on your fix until Feb so don’t need to make a decision now 
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    If it's a shorter fix that you want, why are you limiting yourself to YBS or their pretty high SVR.
    Or even perhaps look at penalty free trackers with other banks and then later consider moving to a fix.
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