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Martin Lewis: New guide to set up a warm space – somewhere for people to come in from the cold.

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    Yes BUT shouldn't we be trying to ensure that everyone can afford things in their own homes? By just accepting everything (in a typically British fashion) like food banks in the 21st century - we are complicit with the government's idea of what is good for our society.

    We should NOT have to be living like this. Schoolchildren going without meals because their parents can't afford to feed them and nor can they afford to buy them a school dinner. 

    What can we do?? I am really at a loss. The state of our country cannot be allowed to continue but we need to get people in positions of power moving to try to make things better for the people in our country who cannot afford to live, eat, keep warm or feed their families.

    Warm spaces, yes. In the short term. But please can we all try to aim a bit (a lot) higher?? I don't have the answer. But Martin, you can help! Please?
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