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Shell Energy Billing me electricity for a business that has nothing to do with me over £10,000

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I currently reside in a small 2 bedroom flat above a convenience store, up until 2019 May I was paying my energy bill with first utility (now Shell Energy) until I realised there is 2 electric meters on my account that I am being billed for. One meter supplies directly to the flat and the second meter is for the off licence shop below. At the time I informed the  energy company that I should not be paying for electric for the shop as it has nothing to do with me. It only makes sense i pay for a bill that I use and not the store, bare in mind i have paid over £1000 in bills at this point. 

The energy company suggested I split the payments with the store, so at this point i asked the owner of the store to pay their portion of the bill and in response I got nothing. It's not my duty to chase a bill that doesn't apply to me. 

I asked on many many occasions with SHELL ENERGY that they separate the meter bills so i can carry on paying for my energy use like any normal individual otherwise I will rack a massive debt on my head which will difficult for me to afford. 

In response they told me we are unable to do so as the bill is under my name. This situation has escalated since 2019 and is still ongoing now. Shell energy advised they are unable to split my bill as there is only one MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number). They informed me if you get your own MPAN we will be able to split the bill. 
Therefore I contacted ombudsman and the end result was to get your own MPAN for the flat above the shop and this was completed with Electricity north west. The landlord at this time was in the procedure of doing this and got me my own supply fitted.

I go back to Shell and inform them I now have my own MPAN can you bill me separably, after months of delay and late responses and very hiked estimated energy bills they informed me I am still liable for downstairs as the bill is under my name. 

At this point my Flat is totally separate on the Royal Mail, I am flat 4A and the shop is number 4 but i am liable to pay for the shop which has nothing to do with me whatsoever. 
They told me we are unable to edit the address but when I log into the account now they have manually input my flat address 4A and 4 the shop address on one account. 
I'm stuck in a right situation and I don't know what I'm supposed to do, the current bill is over £10,000. I can't afford legal fee's or pay a bill that is not mine. I'm more than happy to pay my energy use as I have stated a thousand time to Shell but it seems they keep going back to square one. I'm  a mother of 2 with young children and my health is bad condition over the stress the energy company has caused me over the years. I can't fight a battle against this giant energy company, i try my hardest to resolve the issue but they keep pushing me back. 

Any Advice can some one give or direct me on what I can do?


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