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MSE News: Martin's 'Should I start overpaying my mortgage?' help

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The below article was first written by (MSE) founder Martin Lewis for our weekly email on 5 October 2022. It was updated by the MSE Team with the latest rates on 6 October 2022.

Martin: "Today I want to focus on a specific issue many are asking me about. Should those still with savings use them to reduce their mortgage debt? For some, yes, but like a troop of baboons, there are plenty of big buts..."

Read the full story:
'Martin Lewis: 'Millions can save £10,000s overpaying their mortgage – but others should save instead. Which are you?''

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  • pjcox2005pjcox2005 Forumite
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    Good article but feels like pensions should be mentioned. For most tax savings and compound growth on those will be better than overpaying especially given how low a lot of pensions for the population are. Not sure if that makes it too complex though.
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    To me being mortgage free is a great achievement.
    You own your own home.
    No Mortgage to pay and only household bills to find each month.
    I consider this a vital part of retirement planning !
    Living off a pension or two can be hard but trying to do it while also paying a mortgage each month is so much harder.
    Yes you may earn more interest or tax savings by pumping money into a pension or regular saver but Overpaying the mortgage No matter what the rate is for me very " Money Saving "
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