The new £2 flat bus fare

Does anybody know where I could look up the rules and regulations for the £2 bus fare cap? I got on a local bus today which is one which I often use and asked the driver for a £2 single ,the driver then asked me where I needed to go with the single,told me I could only make a local journey for the £2 fare and then reeled off various different prices for a single according to where I needed to go and which zone it crossed. Is it a capped single fare at £2 or is it not? A 'cap on single fares' surely means exactly that ....all the various single fares have got a cap on them and don't go over £2 surely? It's not 'the fare is capped for this local journey and then if you go further it's more' is it? I tried to find some more information about the rules on the 'gov' website ,but I couldn't find anything. I looked up a few different articles online ,one article seemed to be talking about changes to bus fares in October (2022) and saying that it would be £2 for local AND regional single fares and that you could potentially travel up to 80 miles with the £2 ticket. I had been looking forward to doing some excursions taking advantage of the £2 ticket and now I'm wondering if I will be able to.


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    I've never heard of a capped £2 fare.  Sounds like something local to you (which probably has rules and restrictions - e.g. after 09:30, within a certain zone). It wouldn't make commercial sense for you to be able to travel from (e.g. Aylesbury to London) for £2.
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    OK - quick google - it's (supposedly) from January to March NEXT year AND currently Manchester and West Yorkshire....Bus fare cap: England charges to be held at £2 for three months - BBC News
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    Aha!...........ok ,so,I'm in Bristol , I think it might be that the proper £2 capped fares ,that is local AND regional single fares for £2,will only start in January 2023 for three months and then some local bus operators (including Bristol) have opted to join in partially with the scheme from now (September 2022) 
  • In Merseyside I have seen buses with their destination boards announcing £2 fares to anywhere in the Liverpool City Region. I think this is reduced from £2.30. As a holder of an ENCTS pass I am not affected unless I travel before 9.30am weekdays.
  • Unfortunately ,the buses in Bristol recently changed their flat single fares (local journeys) to £2 ,the single fares were £2.20 anyway ,so it is only a saving of 20p , in a clever bit of marketing ,and in their usual style ,First bus in Bristol then used this to  do a bit of a cover up when they announced at the same time that a one day ticket was now going to be 70p more ,a one day ticket in Bristol is now a shocking £6 !!!!!
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