Hi guys
We have a carpet beetle problem in our house. We saw these little **** last year in November we had a professional pest control man to spray the whole house and since then we removed the carpet upstairs and we only have carpet in the stairs now.

We saw them again two months ago and we were told by the pest control guy that the problem could be with the roof and some bird nests. 

We spend 3k on roof repairs and cleaning and £140 on spraying the whole house again and I still found 4 in different places. 2 in the kitchen in different days and places, another on the living room and another in our bedroom in the curtains.

We have everything stored in upright containers or closed inside cupboards in the kitchen. We have two cats but they don’t eat dried food and we vacuum every week.

I feel like I’m spending a lot of money on ending with these little bugs but nothing is working.

Anyone can help me please?

Thank you! :)

(thats the carpet beetle larvae)


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    Do you have old wooden floors?  When we moved in to our Victorian terraced house, there was a real infestation going - I was so freaked out by seeing little black dots swooping towards the windows out of the corner of my eye all the time!  

    We never got it professionally treated but I used diatomaceous earth and dusted it around the edges of rooms and between the gaps in the floorboards.  It pretty much solved the problem.  It was a very dusty job to do initially - close the door, wear a mask type work - but once the dust has settled it's a fairly safe option - good if you have pets and/or kids.  

    Every year, I do see a few carpet beetles now, but nothing like the initial problem.  Like you, we removed most of the carpets that could have been affected.  I think they now come up from between the floors as we'll never get it clean down there.  It doesn't bother me - they aren't really doing any harm.  If you start seeing more than a couple, you could look at treating it again (I sometimes sprinkle a bit of diatomaceous earth again under the edge of skirting and in gaps in the floor, in rooms where I see them more), but I wouldn't worry unless numbers start increasing.  
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