Sale of small company asset separately or as part of voluntary liquidation

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Will get prof. advice but need to know basics ( have read HMRC website stuff )

Seeking advice on options for closing down /selling a company

Situation : Company has property asset circa 100k, some cash in bank( < 100k )  ,no employees and 5 fagoalmily shareholders

Goal : What is best route to save tax to the shareholders ( all equal shares ) ?

1. company sells assest, pays Tax, money goes to company account, voluntary liquidation

2. Sell company All in ( Shares and Property asser )  to third party

3. Company 'sells/xfers' ( not sure correct terminology - legally to Share holders. So co only has cash in bank, voluntary liquidation.

in the above would timeframes help ? ie 1. liquidation in different tax year?

Thank you inadvance


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