What sort of accountant/bookkeeper/etc. does this sort of simple work?

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First question, apologies if I mess it up somehow!

My income tax situation is starting to look a bit messier.  It's not self-assessment but I think I could do with somebody (an accountant? a bookkeeper?) to look at my situation, answer a few questions I have and check how much money HMRC should owe me in higher-rate rebate in case I get that wrong.  Pretty simple for somebody who knows what they're doing.

I'm not sure what I should be looking for.  What do the sort of people who do that sort of work call themselves?  I imagine I would want the same sort of business that usually does people's self-assessments?  What can I do to avoid paying too much for this sort of advice (other than just asking questions here!)?

Note I'm NOT asking for somebody to recommend a specific accountant, I'm just asking for help to understand the market so I don't pay more than I need or go to the wrong sort of business.

Thank you


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