EasyJet Luggage

They don't allow you much 'Maximum size 45 x 36 x 20cm.' With an empty backpack I'm just about the limit but I'm unsure if that measurement is when the bag is full or when the bag is empty.  I imagine full.
I recall, a long time ago, Martin mentioning something along the lines of wearing a poachers coat, that way you can carry extra onboard, that led me to think can you wear a camera around your neck instead of finding space in your small luggage allowance


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    Many airlines have frames you have to put your hand luggage into if they suspect it's too big.  As long as it will go in, even with a bit of persuasion, you should be OK.  If it won't it may have to go in the hold, and be paid for.
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    It is when the bag is full. At the airport you may be asked to put it in a cradle to check. I have seen a few people forcing their bag into those cradles in an act of defiance and then spend the next half hour trying to get it back out. On on occasion one of the security guards was casually slowly sauntering away to see if he could round up an angle grinder because they could not get a bag out of the frame.

    As far as those poachers coats are concerned, you have to think what are you going to do with it when you are on the flight - that usually means going into the same overhead that other passengers will be carelessly shoving their bags into it. I have seen several stories on different travel sites where posters had saved themselves a few quid with their carry-all jacket only to find that byt the end of their flight anything delicate had been broken.

    When you travel a lot you learn how to pack properly. I can squeeze enough clothes and toiletries into the new smaller EasyJet carry on to last me for about 3-4 nights without a problem. However if I need to bring things like gym gear, changes of clothing and my laptop I need something larger.
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    Vacuum storage bags.

    It doesn't matter how good you are at sock Tetris, nothing will shrink the volume of clothing like a vacuum storage bag! Don't use a hoover to suck the air out, just kneel on it then seal (so you know you can repeat the trick on your return leg).

    And, before you ask, I've never suffered from creasing on a short haul flight as long as the clothes were folded properly when they went in the bag. 
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    Beware that the frames they use to check size are usually smaller than the figure given on the website. They round off the corners to make some extra cash.
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