Good morning. 

Like everyone the rising cost of living has .me thinking about what we are spending 

Until 2 weeks ago we spent so much money eating out / ordering in and buying food for home then it going into bin 🙃 

2 weeks ago decided to start budget and in June will join the groceries challenge.

We are 2 adults plus a dog and have allocated £100 a week plus £15 for one breakfast/lunch out a week.

At end of last week still have £35 of groceries money left which I put I to savings 😍

This week won't be as much as gave in to a chippy at weekend 😞

Have £17 til Thursday (pay day ) but plenty of food in house so apart from breakfast and milk will be enough.

Really need to sort out freezer and cupboards and start meal planning I am sure loads there

Wish me luck 
June grocery challenge £164 /£460...
week 1  £87/£115 
Week 2 £77/£115

My Debt Free Diary >>>>>https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6360269/desperate-to-sort-my-life-for-last-time


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    Welcome.  Lots of ideas here.
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    Welcome! One thing you might try is to set aside five minutes a couple of times a week to prioritise things in the fridge that you can see are going past their best, and rejig your meal plan if needed to get them used pronto. If you DO have to chuck anything out, why not make a note of what it was, and why it had gone over - ie "bought for X recipe, but changed mind" - then you can keep a track of not only the fact that the waste has occurred, but why it has, to, and that might help with stopping it in the future. 
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    London_1 said:
    Welcome Desperado, (not an Eagles fan are you :) )

    Love that song! You have to be a true fan to appreciate it. Warbles..."don't your feet get cold in the wintertime, the sky won't snow and the sun won't shine".....

    OP, join us on the "Feeling the Pinch" thread?
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
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