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Juiced Garlic Spray?

Early days yet but has anyone used garlic to fend off pests, i have put about ten garlic bulbs through my juicer and only just filled my spray bottle.

I mixed with a small amount of water and test sprayed it on my aphid infested rose bush and i notice the aphids seem to be falling off from the misting.

The main issue is obviously stinking out the whole house with the smell of garlic has not gone down well with my other half so if it works i might need to think about the next step.

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    KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    Perhaps you could try a very dilute mix first and then see how strong it needs to be to do the deed! 
    If it is much diluted maybe it won't smell quite as much? (or the smell will fade more quickly?)
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    You can plant garlic near plants and they are supposed to take the juice up their stems through the roots.
    Or you can use diluted washing up liquid in a spray.
    I don't think you are supposed to be using 10 bulbs neat. That would kill most anything. Dilute as Katie said.
    To remove the smell from your hands rub with lemon juice. Keep your OH happy.

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  • Dancing_HeartDancing_Heart Forumite
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    I heard tiny amount of ammonia (star cleaner) a couple of drops diluted in 750ml of water sprayed at edges of flooring keeps pests out of the home. 
    Hope your day is blessed with peace
  • CoffeekupCoffeekup Forumite
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    Or let some nettle's grow near your roses, then you can leave nature do it's work
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