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Blended families and how to save

Hi, my partner and I are moving in together with our four children. 

It’s a very exciting time and we also keen to use this opportunity to try and budget as best we can on home utilities and reduce the time and admin around regularly switching. 
All utilities should start the day we move in, which makes life easier.

Does anyone have any tips about how to do this? Cash back cards,
u switch? An umbrella provider? 

Any ideas gratefully received.

Thank you, Izzy 😊


  • penners324penners324 Forumite
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    Have all DDs set to come out the day after pay day. It'll be a good start
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    anotheruseranotheruser Forumite
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    Out of interest, why call yourself a "blended" family?
    Why not just "family"?

    If you budget properly, all DD can come out on any day.
    We set most of our stuff (mortgage, council tax, savings) to come out on the 1st of every month.  Only throws a wobbily on the 1st of January (but if you're worried, could easily be the 5th).

    However, one of us gets paid on the last Thursday of the month, the other 4-weekly so over the year, could be any time in the month.
  • powerspowerspowerspowers Forumite
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    I think the fact the family is blended is relevant. I’d advise having conversations with your partner about how you approach things like holidays, Christmas, savings, pocket money. Try and work out where you disagree and make a plan around it. 

    You didn’t mention kids ages or if it’s 3/1 or 2/2 for each parent, also if they have similar patterns to staying with you. Your approaches to finances will be different depending on these factors and the best thing is communicating in advance about them. 

    This is especially important if one partner and their children are going to feel worse off. 

    Alternatively, wait until 2 days before Christmas and have a bust up in smiths toys over how stingy your partner is / how spoilt their child is (delete as necessary). In all seriousness, good luck and keep talking to each other. 
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